Lying, cheating & revenge

The guy that I'm seeing is the most amazing person I've met & I've fallen for him really hard.
We've been seeing each other for 3 months now since we met & I've not even looked at another guy the entire time.
A few weeks ago he decided to go through my phone & see who I had been talking to & got jealous over every male despite them only being friends & innocent conversations.
Anyway because he did this I decided to go through his messages while he was sleeping & he has been texting so many girls, some that he had only just met on a night out, others he's known for longer but he had been discussing going out for dinner, s**, shower pics etc.
Anyway to have my own little revenge I was going to hook up with a guy I met saturday night who had forcefully kissed me after I kept refusing to kiss him when he flirted & had not stopped telling me that he wanted to f*** me.. so I text the guy today only to find out he has a girlfriend & didn't tell me! Now I have two guys that have made me feel used & worthless.

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  • I will f*** you so you can feel better for sure

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