I still love him! I can't get him out my head! I'm with someone else now and by the rules and guidelines of "what do you want in a man" he is a lot better but i CANT get the ex out my head!
I have so many questions why did it end? What did i do? Did she convince him? Did he cheat on me? But more importantly WHY was i so easily replaced if I was the love of his life?
My heads a mess! No one understands!

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  • Get a therapist, spend a few hours on the couch, do some writing and self-introspection, and talk about it with your therapist. Eventually you will be able to turn the page. In the history of humanity, you are not the first one to have gone through this. That is a good thing, as there are professionals out there who will know where you are coming from and can help you.

  • Maybe you have either said something or done something that made him break up with up you.

  • Not sayin that you were, but you could have been obsesed with him and you were overly attatched. That usually ends a relationship pretty quickly.

  • You were probably too nice and sweet to the guy and he chickened out and took an easy way out. Maybe he knew he was no good for you....there is no ryhme or reason sometimes. Best of luck.

  • Feelings don't just disappear because a relationship ends. Did you do something wrong? Girl, you're just making yourself crazy. There will always be questions.. sometimes relationships just run their course. Maybe it will help to heal by looking at it from a different perspectives. Don't compare yourself to some other girl. You weren't easily replaced. That new girlfriend has nothing on you. Think about what did you do right? What probably doesn't help is that it sounds like you entered into a relationship too soon which can also play with your head. It can take a long time to get the ex out of your system. If it helps to talk to him and ask him questions, then you should. You may want to reconsider your current situation and take time to really get over your ex. It's not fair to your current guy because you can't truly be 100% there for him. It's okay to be alone for a little bit or even consider speaking to a therapist.

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