Abused at school but now wish for it

It was years and years ago. I went to a private all girls high school. I desperately wanted to be a part of the "in crowd". On day the queen bee sat beside me and in class she touched up my leg. I just sat there while she put her hand on my leg and moved it up under my skirt. After class she told me I was "in".

"In" came with a cost. In class and whenever I was invited to the other "in girls" houses or parties she would feel me up and she would assign other girls to do it too.

I never told anyone but I was trapped because if I had tried to leave she would have made life h*** for me so I just put up with it.

Now I am old and lonely and I look back and wish that someone would give me intimate attention even if they forced themselves on me.

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  • Scream queen.

  • I don't even feel bad for y'all.

  • I to am going through the same thing you did but it's still going on with me. They even have no shame in feeling me up in public or in a clothing section in a department store last night they took me to Macy's and took my skirt and panties and told me I had to find them and Mary began feeling me up and this guy maybe 70 watched. I was so embarrassed but unable to do anything about it for I have another four months of initiation to go through. The worst part of it is when we're in her car she makes me sit next to Diane and Diane is the type of girl that can make you feel really good or put you down to where you feel like a tramp and she's very good at it. Anyway Diane started in caressing my inner thigh and moved closer to my v***** every minute or so. Her light touches felt so good to me I hardly knew when she pulled my panties off and began to play with my c***. I got so aroused she dared me to spread my legs apart showing who ever wanted to see what I had and what she was doing to me. A dare is like a command and you don't don't do it and I layed back in the seat for she reclined it and she raised my skirt to my hips and she proceeded to get me off time and time again and the next thing I knew she had unbuttoned my blouse and my b****** were exposed for all to see and she began making my nipples stand out like fingers and she continued to play with them arousing me to no end and then I started in cuming on her fingers and mouth. A car pulled up along side of us on the freeway and the four guys started in showing us their c**** and a**** and one said pull over I want her and Diane did but as the guys got near thre car she took off and after the third time she didn't leave and ordered me to let them f*** me right there in public along the freeway in West Covina, The four guys took me and left me as their c** depository and I couldn't do anything about it. I got to face her tomorrow at school and I'm afraid what she might have me do, thank god it is a all girl school

  • How old are you now? you are female right?

  • Yes I am female and I am 50 now.

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