My Mini "Me"...

I am a very attractive, middle aged man in VERY good shape. People often mistake me for a man in his 20's. I eat well, do not drink or smoke and excersise regularly. I attract some very beautiful women. Living in LA, the competition is riduclous BUT I always seem to be the one the ladies go for. I've dated models, actresses, very successful women. They like me because I am "not like the other guys" meaning that I dont try to sleep with them or get in their pants. Believe me, I DO! After my dates with them, I usually leave them with a nice hug and kiss on the cheek or lips and thank them for their company. I Never push them nor accepted thier offers to come in. I found that this intrigues them. They want more to the point of stocking. I appear to be "a good man". After I leave, I usually find myself so h**** that I have a JO session for hours and have multiple o****** thinking of what I COULD have been doing with that beautiful woman of that night. I have a wild imagination and am a closet freak! The truth is, I am embarassed of my 4" errect tiny member. I fear that these girls will be disapointed in me. The "too good to be true" thoughts in their mind scare me. The only sexual experience I had was with a very sweet mormon girl who I knew was a good girl and a virgin. I knew that I was going to be her first...and I was excited. When she saw me naked, she said it was the first time she's ever seen a p****. She played with it and seemed to love it. I was in heaven since I knew she didnt have another p**** to reference my size too. I was excited to pop her cherry so I played it cool and took my time. When I finally entered her, I was in heaven. She was warm, and wet. This was my first sexual experience so only after 3 or 4 pumps I came...I slowely pumped some more...she than asked "are you in?" I was mortified and been ruined for 26 years. I think I am doomed to masturbation for the rest of my small-dicked life. SUCKS.


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  • Old but still immature. Not a good look, mate

  • Why do middle aged guys always start with "I'm still hot and people swear up and down I'm really in my 20s"? Everything that comes after that is stained with bullshit. Also, every "hot middle aged guy" I've ever met is still in their 20s MENTALLY, which is the opposite of sexy. Just sayin'.

  • Honestly, that's not the biggest deal in the world. Women love foreplay so much that you can get away with a small p****. I think you're playing up the importance of your size too much. You need to move on with your life and get over it. You've missed so many opportunities. Not every man who has a girlfriend/wife has a giant p****.

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