Almost Caught

In grade nine, to celebrate winning cities for our school's tennis team, we had a party at our captains house. After we ate, we were all doing our own stuff, ping pong, billards, talking, making smores, ect. When 3 members of our team came running out with water balloons and water guns. We all ran in different ways. I headed through the side of the house and made my way to the front. I saw them all heading towards me, so i booked it up the stairs to the balcony. They passed me and i hid behind patio furniture. I was looking for a way out and i saw facing the backyard, a sliding door was open. I checked inside it was a bedroom with no one inside. I opened the screen door and hid inside. It was totaly clean so i expected it to be a guest room, but while hidden, i saw pictures on a desk of a knockout blonde. I knew he had a sister but she was a perfect 10/10. Getting alittle h******, i explored. Knowing my insticts, i went straight for the top drawer of a dresser, but all i found were jewlery and hair clips, bands, stuff like that. I went to the closet, i opened to find a huge walk in closet. Again, first drawer, but i found bras. Alot of them. I wasnt that intrested in them since they were too big to hide, but i heard yelling. And his sister stormed into the room. Clearly they had soaked her. I was so scared of her entering the closet but she went to the bathroom to shower. My heart quickened as i rushed to find the prized panty drawer. Finally on a seperate drawer, i found a drawer with neatly folded panties. They were in order too. I took a couple g strings, some thongs, all the sexy ones. Including a crotchless, one made of beads, and see through ones. I didnt have an intrest for the non sexy ones. But i saw a huge clutter at the back corner. I removed a wad of panties to find 2 s** toys. A bullet vibrator, and a rabbit vibrator. Both still had some dried juices on them and they smelt awesome. I cracked open to make sure the coast was clear. I was heading out but they were all in the backyard. So i headed back to go out through the front. Right by the door, i missed the outfit she just took off, before she showered. Her shirt was damp, but still in the jean shorts, was a very dirty thong. It was black w lace, and had a huge creamy crotch. It was still warm too. I licked it clean on that spot. I heard the water stop so i headed out. I made it to the front no problem. But i couldnt hold all these treasures in my pockets, especially the s** toys. I took off my shirt and wrapped it in a bundle and hid it in a bush. I told them my shirt was soaked when i returned to the party

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  • You shoulda f***** her......Can you still?

  • I would rather do that to you.

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