Married white woman prostitutes to black men

I'm 28 and married for 5 years. The week before thanksgiving last year I was laid off from my job. My husband works hard but makes much less than I did. I was watching a very pretty well built with big b**** and a nice round butt try to hook up with man after man all black. So I saw her in the ladies room and asked her about her limited interest in only black men. She said it's because they will pay top money to have s** with white girls like me. I had no clue she was w**** till that moment. Well I got the skinny. Come late march money was super tight and we need 2500 to pay the mortgage. It took 3 days and 7 men to make the mortgage payment. I did some new things - a*** s** and a 3way. It should have taken 3-4 more men but they all paid more if they didn't use protection. All of these men were good looking and built well or totally jacked like the two men that did me in the 3 way. They all had big to very large penises and knew how to use them. These men satisfied me over and over so many times and have ruined me for s** with my husband. He's above average and I liked and got off when we have s** but nowhere near what these men did for me. I loved when they finished with me a left me in my bed or face down on the floor and smile and say things like all that loving and you get paid. Or damn your husband is lucky to have a c*** craving s*** like you for a wife. We've had s** maybe 2 or3 times a month since then. My husband mentioned a couple of times I seemed really loose. He have about 20 regulars I have s** with 2-5 times a month. I make more as a h***** than I did in my old job. They only use condemns if they want too someday I want to be bred couple times a day until I'm pregnant.

Jun 29, 2014

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  • You're truly a fool and most probably have aids by now so you probably already know how stupid you are.

  • Where are you??

  • Scroll way down and read the comments too!**-with-married-women.html

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