me again...

i am 40 something and find men sexy, that is good-looking ones. i am married, but my husband and i do not have s** at all. it has been at least 2 yrs. since we have had s**...i m*********, often to women's pix..(nude), or alone, with nothing but this weird, b/c i love men, not at all attracted to women, but i can always reach an o***** almost instantly just by looking at a woman's nude pic, but i do not want s** with my husband, or any man really----is it me??? is it my husband????? or both of us???? am i sick????? or is this acceptable??? i have never ever told anyone this, and no one knows any of this...plz respond.....


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  • So you're a lesbian, nothin wrong with that. lol

  • You are a lesbian!

  • well seeings you do not have s** with yoru husband your sexual needs are still there and you can be straight and find women sexy. women are very sexy in a different manner then men, women just have a sexyness , a naked women , breast, thighs, butt, hips, slenderr bodys,...and yes talking with your husband is a good idea,.

  • I wouldn't say you are gay, but you sure might have a fetish for female nudity, if you get what I mean. Its like how some gay guys love the limp wrist style of gay, while there are the bear loving types. And some who doesn't t like either types just love s** with men, not the lifestyle. A c*** fetish if you will. Like, they love s** with a guy, but won't kiss or snuggle him in that gay love sort of way...

    Anyways, strayed off the point there.

    I would try to have a conversation with your husband but pick your time right. Not when the 'game' is on, or when its time to get ready to go out. Preface the talk with how you are going to open up to him and hope he can do the same. Don't make a shopping list of complaints but just pick one or two. Make it look like you want to make both of you happy and that its not just about you. I'm sure he isn't all that happy with the relationship either.

    But also be honest with yourself. Do you think you can get off with him in bed? Would you trade a b******* if he ate you out the night before? Or what ever order you want...

    I don't envy your situation but best of luck to you.

  • Have you considered going to a counselor? You don't have to go into sexual details, just open up some communication about your feelings for each other. There may be some subconscious resentment or fear that's affecting his s** drive, or yours.

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