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I am a married man who is 43 years old with 2 kids. I have been married to a wife for 20 years, my wife is very committed and to be honest very boring. I do not love her and married her because her family has money. I am a manager for a small insurance company and have been cheating on my wife with 7 other women including my 27 year old sister in law. I enjoy f****** other women and giving a*** to other women, something my wife hates. I really want to divorce but I am not financially stable.... What should I do? I love my kids, but my wife is soo boring and I really want to be with a younger woman.

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  • Your wife should kick you out onto the streets, and then you will not only be financially unstable, you wont have a roof over your head either....your just a piece of scum who uses women.....what should you do? you should go into the church and start praying!, because once your wife finds out what you have been doing, she will most probably kick you out of her house, and then NO women will want you, your just an a****** who deserves nothing because you dont appreciate anything good

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