Just a boring confession

I'm not sure what to say... I guess i'll confess a bunch of crap. It'll probably turn out whiny so run away now.

I guess i'm just a normal teen. I'm a 15 year old girl, I go to public school. I'm boring, quiet, average. My friends and random people say i'm cute, but i dont see how, but then again, you can't really see yourself how others do. Hmmm, I passed all my SOLs, aka really big ass tests. Boring i know. Uhm... I guess my secrets are that I used to watch p*** at like... 13-14 years old? But then it got boring and lame so i stopped watching it. My family, like any other, has issues. My brother though, he's not exactly "stable", so that causes a lot of problems in my household. These problems have been a constant for 6 years now. My parents aren't really that supportive either. Idk, i guess i was suffering from depression and loneliness, so i cut. a lot. there are white lines down the side of each leg as a reminder. I wish I could bring myself to care about them. I kinda gave up honestly. I don't think anyone cares about my mental state. I mean... i have friends, but i can't really tell them about my problems, i really can't. 1. I dont have many friends and 2. the friends i do have easily replace me and forget me. that's okay. i'm fine. i'm fine. there are others with more important problems. please ignore i wrote this.

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  • Don't ever think that what you have to say or what you think isn't important. You are amazing and smart and don't ever think otherwise. People aren't mind readers, so when you need help you need to speak up and say something. Your friends care in their own way.. maybe not as supportive as you wish. But sometimes, when you need them the most they will be there. If you are depressed or need someone to talk to, go and get help. Your parents care for you greatly. But unless your exhibiting huge warning signs they may just chalk it up to you're a teen and you'll go to them if you need anything. So again.. if you're not fine, go talk with someone.

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