Thinking Of Becoming A Muslim To Get More Wives

After year of marriage 1 wife is not enough for me. Boring s** with the same woman all the time. If I had 3 wives more vareity and more six. My uncle who is Muslim and lives in another country has 2 wives and he always has smile on face. He say the womens were given to men have s** with all the time and to have as many wives as men wanted.

And if I have 6 wives with jobs I do not have to work. I can relax and drink all the time. And life like king with hairum. And so much s** with 6 womens to please me and do what I want. I could be like sultan with many slave wives. That would be the good. No work money from wifes jobs and s** everyday. What could be better than this. If the men is honest all want this instead of 1 boring wife. Id say no than lie or wife is boss of weak man with little s** need.

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  • Looking into a Saudi girl to come live with us. I will marry her in a ceremony only. She is upset that she can not find Christian man there. She has agreed to be my second wife in ceremony only. She is still a virgin and my wife is excited. Will see if in time we can both share her. My wife seems to be mire excited than I am. the girl is very happy to get to the US. She is coming for a visit this summer. if things are ok, we will keep her here at the house.
    I plan to make her first time memorable.

  • Read into Islam, and you'll not be jokingly considering to convert.
    Just read, won't do any harm.

  • Do not use religion as an excuses to be a lazy slop.

  • WW Islam is so much more than just having multiple wives. Do not use religion as an excuses to be a lazy slop.

  • You don't have to become a muslim, just join a mormon sect. Fewer rules too. If s** with your wife is boring after one year, well, thats your fault, and s** with two wives can get just as boring,because it sounds like either you are boring, or you happen to choose boring women.

    And from the sounds of it, your wives will probably think they are better off just married to one another and then having s** with any guys they want, and chuck your lazy a*** out onto the street!

  • In short you're saying the poster is a twit.

  • Well, let me set a few things straight.

    1) You can only have 4 wives in Islam

    2) It's a sin if you have more than one wife but you treat them unequally.

    3) Since nobody's perfect, and the man is bound to love one over the other, he's technically sinning by having more than one wife.

    4) The reason Islam allows it is because at the time of the revelation, there were so many widows(at an era of war) that were put out on the streets because they didn't have support that they were allowed to wed already married men (with the consent of the man AND HIS WIFE).

    5) If the man's wife doesn't want him to marry again, she has a right to not allow it.

    6) In today's society it's not acceptable or common (in majority of middle eastern countries) to have multiple wives, it's only very fundemenatlist ares that do(like saudi arabia and etc that twist the religion of Islam completely).

    So, go and have more wives, but know that your technically sinning.

  • Wow some1 that acyually knows what they talking about.

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