My girlfriend wants out. 1 year 4

My girlfriend wants out. 1 year 4 months 17 days and i have loved her every bit of it. The day she stopped telling me she loved me is the day i broke. im hanging on by a thread because im scared to be by myself. Im trying to keep things together, but shes determined to end this before summer starts. With her gone, I have no idea what ill do with myself. Someone please wake me up from this drea,?

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  • We have reached f** factor 5, captain.

  • She doesn't deserve you!

  • Let it go, and get over it!

  • Let her go, its not your place to keep it up if she's unhappy. My girlfriend would rather me be unhappy and with her, than alone and able to start fixing whats wrong in my life, and its the same thing you're doing. Just let her go, take some time to heal and go your way. Stay friends with her though, cause the only friends you're gonna have as close to you as your best friends are the ones you've dated

  • I've been in a relationship for about the same time as that,
    and if that happened to me i would feel the same way
    so i know what you mean.
    it's really hard.
    you can't just let someone go that easy.
    i wish the best of luck for you
    peace easy.

  • Dude, I have to say That happened to my relationship too.
    You'll get over it, trust me, eventually, you will.
    My ex, found himself, a whole new out look, and honestly, he's probably much happier now than he ever was when we were together. Yes we loved each other a lot, but things didnt work in the end, the same as you
    After we broke up, he found friends, and a new attitude. you'll be better off, just get in touch with your true self.
    Good luck.

  • that's sad dude. i've been with my boyfriend for about the same amount of time... it's just the one year itch... she shouldn't actually END it because of this though, it passes... she will regret it, I think... you sound like a nice guy.

  • I just don't know what to do with myself... (white stripes!)

  • and my name aint ***be real b********* it ***bonnie&clyde*** cuz i got a beautiful women helping me now

  • shut the f*** up you stupid m***********, noone cares if you aint getting no loving and you need to f****** stop stalking her cuz you sound like a stupid m************ predator

  • So throw her back, all you are doing is groveling about you. She does not LOVE you. What do you like to do (sports, video gaming, and photography)? Find an organization what specializes in that. When I broke up with my first girlfriend, I joined a bicycling club. We went biking almost every weekend, I was to busy having a great summer to worry about my ex. When school was back in session, I had completely forgotten about my ex. I had made some great new friends. You need to have a couple of good friends. Clear your mind. If you don’t have any good friends, sounds like a perfect time to find some and get a hobby.

  • Let the w**** go and move on to the next one. Why would you want to be with somebody who doesn't want you?

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