Mess in Mind and Heart

We broke up 3 months ago I loved her very much.when i was in relationship i did my best to make her happy. But seems like she just didn't deserved that n broke up n leave me. Every ones told me that shes b**** when they saw me sad.well i know how bad she always treated me but I loved her so much so I always after 3 months she contacted me n said sorry. I was like destroyed in 3 months n trying to delete memories. She asked me to forgive her n yes i did without thinking of any past. Again she stopped being nice n I remain in love with her. I know she don't deserve me but I truly love her n I know she will hurt me what to do now ??

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  • This is the same thing happening to me. She keeps cheating on me and I always forgive her

  • Hey guys, you should have more self-respect and work up the courage to leave those women. i know you might be feeling like you won't find anyone else or no one else will wanna be with you, but no. respect yourself enough to leave people that are bringing you down. you were living before you met those girls and you will continue living afterwards, more freely. free yourself from the pain and move on.

    i'm a girl writing this btw. free yourself.

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