I love worshipping my boss's booty

My boss is married but we instantly had a connection. She has a big fat booty. She would always catch me staring at it. One day she asked if I liked her ass. I told her I loved it. And that I'd love to bury my face in it. Then she pulled her pants down and told me to have at it. It was all sweaty and funky but I loved the way it smelled and tasted. Now and for the last 3 months I literally spend hours sniffing and licking her dirty stinky booty. I'm obsessed with it

Jan 19

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  • She probably has herpes

  • Stop watching xvideos you idiot.

  • Only if you stop watching kiddie p***.

  • My first job out of college was working for a HAZMAT response company and my supervisor was a 41 year old, 4' 10" red head with a body of a gymnast and a$$ of a 20 year old. She looked her age in the face and had the resting b**** smile. People thought she was a b**** but she was actually a perfectionist. We got along fine.
    She wore tight jeans and shirts so I was always checking her out. We worked long hours together and she'd always been single. She'd gotten pregnant at 14 and had been working full time or two jobs her entire life. Her son joined the military when he became of age and died in the Middle East.
    One night we'd finished working a spill and the weather was getting worse. We took the truck back and restocked it and she'd got a message from a neighbor that trees were down and she had no power. She was calling for a hotel room but I told her she could crash with me. My apartment was 10 minutes away & I'd hit the couch. She agreed when there were no vacancies.
    We both had the next day off. After her shower, she'd found one of my shirts and wore it. She had no t*** but her tiny nipples were poking out. I could also tell she was not wearing panties.
    We relaxed watching the weather. I had a bottle of wine and I was sipping on a beer.
    I don't know the exact moment but she said, "I notice you checking me out all the time." She stood up and removed the shirt. OMG! Got on her knees and gave me head.
    We went to the bedroom and that crazy redhead rode me all night! We secretly dated until she got a promotion and transferred to another state.

  • You should of stuck it in her ass

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