Ruined a friendship and...

1) My sister has female friend from a lot of time but she is a bad influence on my sister.

1x) Me wants to get rid of her from my sister life but wants no risks to avoid any kind of countering.

1xx) This minx already has been notified by me and my mother as an occasional embezzler of our things, however the sister of mine care for her so she told us to forgive her because she comes from a poor family... f*** that, being pauper means being dishonest not.

1xxx) This girl was kicked out of her house because she was causing problems and really, I didn't want any problem in my mother's abode.

2) The plot: sister at university, mother at work; I wake the girl up and tell her I want to bang her if she desires to. She is stunned and tells me "no way" but that is just the first part of the goal of mine: to dizzy and puzzle and rage her.

3) Later I persevere on her again, when she is doing some chores in our house, and she yells at me (tv is on MTV at high volume so she could be heard not in the upper-story and lower-story apartments) and I tell her she is going to regret that. She is now very enraged an menaced me to hurt me.

4) She had a trolley with her but she left it into the outer stairs (the palace belongs to my family so it's safe), so I took various jewels of my mother (she is used to leave them openly in a very to easy spot) with some rags to avoid leaving forefinger-prints and then I hid those into the girl trolley (she was so unconscious to leave it unlocked).

I also get called by the proprietor of the ground-flour shop to help him with some technical chores, so I have my alibi to accuse her of stealing "while I was away".

5) After doing this, mom comes back, we eat but the girl is obvious startled and mom notices, I joke about it saying that I was talking with her about some family matters of her and maybe she felt offended.

6) After that, I call mom to my father apartment downstairs with some excuse and tell her that I noticed the girl stealing some of her jewelry that I always notice being everpresent on her open-air shelf.

7) She is found out and kicked out immediately from our lives like the filth she was and probably still is.

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