I killed a person when I was on holiday

I killed a person when I was on holiday in france. I was at a bar and a girl asked me to her room at a really crappy hotel. It was the grosses hotel ever but I went into her room and we had s**. When we were done she told me she was only fifteen and I thought she was kidding but she had I.D. She told me to pay her or she was going to tell the police I raped her. I was so scared we started arguing and I threw her on the bed and held the pillow over her face. I just wanted to make her stop screaming at me and I was so scared. I got up and told her we could work something out but she wasn't moving. Everything looked bad. we had rough s**. she was under age and I wasn't a citizen. When I realised she was dead I wiped down the room and put her in the tub. I went back to the place where we were staying and told my friends I had gotten lost. I am so f*****. This was three years ago but I am still having nightmares.

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  • im 15 [female] and i look like im about 10. no joke. im not even 5 feet tall. when i go to the movies my friends have to buy my ticket because they dont believe im over 13 yrs. old.

    anyways one of my best friends is 14 years old and female. she is 5'10. and looks very mature. she honestly looks about 20. she gets us into R rated movies and stuff, because the dumb a**** who work at the ticket counter never check for IDs or anything.

    so yeah. it is possible for someone to look like they r younger or older for their age.

    and im really sorry that happened to you. i know that must be really scary.

  • come on if you think about it all i ever did was come on this site to make fun of people and sign my signature, i never asked anyone for attention you f****** dumasses fell for my comments,if you really want me to stop and leave why do u all comment back on my comments???it only postpones my retirement to this site and you can all thank that lady who f***** her dog for getting me on here,my friend told me about this site to rag on that b**** and look what my visit turned into, all you have to do to get me to leave is to shut the f*** up ,you dumasses,but you know like you people said im just a dumass so i wont be able to understand your resond comments and to the sicology major i know that you are going to say something about me saying shut the f*** up,like im getting annoyed or something and come on i am getting aliitle annoyed because i only want to rag on people not have to talk to retards like you, and now you are guna say something about me getting annoyed,but now that i said that you arent and you are guna find something else to say about this comment or something about bonnie,so please man just dont say anything becasue i know what ur guna say so there is no point in saying it, like something stupid about manboobs, coke,or doritos it doesnt really matter because i go home to get p**** and i have a good job with a family so i dont need a f***** like you telling me what i know ur guna say.you are going to tell me that you have a better life then me and describe it and im guna cus u out and we are guna go on for months so im asking please shutup cus we think alike we know what the other is guna say and i know now your guna make fun of this hole thing so lets hear the bs...

  • Commenter # 1...people don't look their f***** age now a day....you can tell if somebody is young or old and who are we to say if the girl looked youg or old we haven't seen her ass and the girl was a perfidous little girl and she should have expected something like that to happen because she didn't know who he was !

  • Yes, yes ***Bitchass&C************ you are, but thats beside the point.

  • I'M A T***

  • You're lying, that has got to be worst lie I have ever heard in my life, why don't you say you also found a briefcase full of millions of Euros and a laser that would take you to the land of make believe?

  • Omg don't u dare fukin write ***bonnie&clyde*** anymore!! How dare u use our name u fukin w****!

  • Actually a lot of people look like they're older or younger than they are, including 15 year olds that look 18. How is that so hard to understand ***bonnie&clyde***.

  • shut the f*** up you stupid little b****,he f****** raped her and he knew she was underage because tell me what 15 year old looks like they are 18 or over

  • I am commenter # 1....***bonnie&clyde*** shut up because how was he supposed to know that she was 15...ummm some people dont look their age f***** dumb ass and even though legally he raped her remember she gave dat s*** up to him even though she was under age and for the record I'm not taking nobody side because they both was a fault in a way!

  • You could have just left, she wouldn't have found you.

  • you stupid ass m************ peace of s***,you couldnt even tell that she was only 15 you dumass.why the did you put the m************ pillow over her head when all you had to do was pay the s**** even know she was a f****** dumass for doing it why the f*** did you kill her and what the f*** did you do with the body after you RAPED and MURDERED her

  • good job.

  • She is stupid for lying about her age BUT you shouldn't have didi anything to harm her even though it was an incident. You should have gave her triffin ass some money and told her to carry her ass home.

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