Sexless wife

I'm at a loss. My wife would have s** every night before we got married. Once we were married, she has become totally uninterested. We have had s** 6 times in two years. I'm going crazy. There is a very attractive woman at work that has been flirting with me like crazy, but I'm hesitant to have an affair. I just don't know what to do.

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  • Been there. Do the coworker, man.. We all have needs, and, s** is only physical. It's just s**.

    I had the opportunity to have sx with a business associate, who was a married, gorgeous, British blonde, and, took it. My now ex-wife wasn't into, or, good at, s**, we weren't having it anyway, so, when the chance to jump on my fit-bodied, 38C, incredibly sexy friend (her clients hit on her all the even tried locking her in her office), I took it. We got together fairly often before the company closed and moved her office, and she went with them.

  • Your wife is getting d*** owned by another man, just enjoy the fact that a big c*** is filling her up

  • I had a gf who just wasn't good in all. No bj,no hj, barely moved.when we finally broke up, I experienced some of the best s** ever and couldn't be happier. Since you're married you need to talk to your wife and explain your needs. Marriages with intimacy frequently have a better chance than those that don't.hopefully she's not doing anything wrong behind your back and is being satisfied elsewhere.

  • Talk to your wife! If she's not willing to do anything about the problem, then you see how you go from there. Perhaps if you want to stay married, but she isn't interested in s**, she'd be willing to let you have a mistress. First things first though - talk to her about the problem.

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