My wife is weird

Hi i have Been married for 8 years, i am happily married except our s** life isn't good at all. My wife is very lazy in bed she always wants me on top and me doing all the work she doesn't like giving b******* etc.. I have been cheating her with other woman simply to get oral s** especially blow jobs. Is this my fault that she can't satisfy me?

Oct 24, 2012

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  • I was married for 12 years, and my then-wife was sexually dead and uninterested. Funny how when we were in college, we went at it like crazy. Anyway, I also started cheating on her, fairly early on, I might add, first with a hot, latino nurse friend (she was just..steamy-smoking hot..oozed sexy), then a string of others.

    We even went on vacation one year..Great scenery, very romantic..And only had s** once. Flat and boring, as usual. When we returned, I was still revved up, so, made an excuse and hit the nurse's apartment, letting out all of my sexual frustrations with her.

    if the marriage is good otherwise, I see no problem with the occasional s** partner to keep yourself satisfied. I even messed around with a hot, but b****, neighbor MILF two yards down. Very beautiful woman, hot little body, and pure b****. We had a physical attraction even though she wasn't a fan of mine, nor I of hers.. That only stopped because her husband got a local job instead of being on the road, so, was home more often.

  • Also you're full of s***, i really doubt some guy came up to your wife and said "be lazy in bed! don't give blow jobs! god will punish you" lol get real loser your probably ugly as f*** and she's cheating on you

  • Why did you marry her idiot

  • Hellow everyone I said she can't satisfy me as good anymore because some idiot has brain washed my wife with extreme religious thing that blow jobs were forbidden.. Why is this my fault if she decides to be religious after 8years of marriage. I cheated simply to get the pleasure of b*******..

  • Meet me in Second Life....I'll suck your eyeballs out.
    CC Silversmith is my name in Second Life

  • No, it is totally not your fault that she can't -- or won't -- satisfy you, and you should not let society or your wedding vows (which she is clearly not observing) keep you from getting the action and the attention and the release that you need. Enjoy it. S** is supposed to be fun.

  • Ah, it depends. First, you should have made the demands. If you havent, shame on your your just a cheating f***. If you made the demands and told her you need this s***, and she hasnt provided, OVER A PERIOD OF TIME DUDE, NOT LIKE YESTERDAY, and, YOU TRULY NEED THIS S*** AND NOT GETTING IT IS LEADING TO EXCESSIVE FIGHTING OR OTHER ILL S*** then i would continue the cheating game with this in mind:

    d) DONT IGNORE THE GUILT - YOUR A CHEATING F*** and probally a s** addict so pick up around the house once in a while.

    Hey, what is unique about me, is i work in a job that would surprise you and deal with this stuff all the time. This is reality, not Dr Phil. Most men do this s*** anyway.

  • Speaking as someone who is sexually unsatisfied in the best relationship of my life, yes, actually, it is your fault that you're cheating on your wife. Either work it out with her, or be on your way, brainless wonder.

  • Go straight, tell her "you suck it or Im gone", she will give you the b****** of your life. Trust me, it works, specially if you work and she doesnt.

  • N**** please, before you go f*** other b******/hoes/s***/w****-bags/prostitutes, talk to her you dirty mother f*****!! You are f***** up, she probably cheating on you too n****, THATS WHY SHE DOESNT WHAT YOUR "D". LOSER.

  • No it has been happening from day 1 I think it's some religious thing that s why she would refuse to do some sexual things like blow jobs etc..she is more than satisfied because she would at least 3 times some times more, but my favorite is a b******* and she gets pretty upset when I ask for it, she is satisfied for sure but hello what about me.

  • If getting blow jobs were so important to you, and you knew she wouldn't perform them..why did you get married to her? Did you think it would change? or that you could live without them? You need to talk with your wife.

  • Maybe you do not satisfy your wife,maybe it is all about your satisfaction in the bedroom and she has gotten tired of satisfying you,without reciprocation?Just a thought.Oh and cheating is never okay,before God you took vows.

  • Have you ever thought to discuss your needs with your wife before cheating?

  • I know your pain my man

  • If this is happening just now n before she was like way better in bed, ill say she could be cheating on you

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