Men do it better, and I got proof

Earlier today I created a fake Facebook account to try and convince my straight flatmate to share nudes with an Asian girl named Cyl Ahwah. The truth is that I'm actually a Caucasian gay man who has long since been infatuated with my flatmate. now before you go off calling me a creeper it is important to understand that even though my straight flatmate knows i'm gay, he is still open about his sexuality and it really gets my gears running, he is a 6foot toned twink boy with tattoos and a goatee. he knows i find him attractive as I have said so to his face with the understanding that he is straight (he is also a hip hop artist which doesn't really look well upon sexual experimentation anyway). So though what I did was wrong, it was the reaction of a man who has to wake up everyday and get blueballed by his fit flatmate. To make a long confession short, it worked, and how! I got loads of pics and shared pics of some s*** i found online. I saved all the pics to harddrive and i don't intend to share them with anyone, but here is where it gets awkward. after a steamy session with him c****** twice and becoming very interested in meeting me (which i quickly tried to dismiss) he and I both finished and I went upstairs (we live in a two story flat) to fix some food. My flat mate comes running up topless and with a great big grin on his face, talking of new opportunities and a girl he met online who is 10x his exgirlfriend ever was (he only split with her 2 days before and he was crushed!). I played the fool and congradulated him on his good start to the day. He none the wiser started working out, with the grin still fixed on his face, even for him, he was talking about this girl (me) very oppenly ( i struggled to stiffle smiles, can you blame me? I brought this straightboy to his knees with a kind of sexuality only a man can understand another man would crave, and belive me everything I said I would do to him as Cyl, I would gladly do in real life). I am now however stuck with a predicament, he is still adamant he will eventually meet her and film all his activities with her. he's so happy, so am I, do I just let Cyl dissapear without and explination? what other explination will do to assure he never tries talking to her again? if he feels he lost this girl the same way he lost his exgirlfriend, this happy moment may invert itself and become an even greater bitterness. (i begin to question if he would consider trying it on with a man if enough women scalded him?!?!). More than advice I really had to tell someone of this amazing interaction, my straight flatmate was appsolutley insensed by a gay mans words, even to suggest his ex girlfriend (who only split with him for religious reasons) was inferior to this femtemptress. needless to say, i'm anticipating the end to this with both exitment, and aprihention.

Jul 7, 2014

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  • Go on.
    Send him a pic of just your face.
    With the caption "It wuz me".
    Then RUN!

  • So you manipulated the emotions of your str8 flatmate because he makes your junk tingle? Classy.

    Gay men often hiss and spit about how much they hate women. Is it because they're actually so much like them?

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