Can't believe I did this...

My wife (I will call her Mary) and I have been swinging for about 2 years. Mary is 35 and I am 39. We met a guy (call him Steve) 3 months ago for a 3sum. He is 25, attractive, black with a nice 9 inch c*** and Mary really enjoyed it. Since then we have met him for fun on a regular basis. Heck, Mary has started to call him her "boyfriend". Last night he came over to the house. Mary was bent over the side of the bed and Steve was giving it to hr from behind. I was watching and taking a few pics for our collection. Steve decided to change positions. He put Mary on her back and pulled her out to the edge of the bed. He grabbed he ankles and spread her legs wide and back abound her head. Then it happened... Steve reached down and ripped the condom off and threw it on the bed by Mary's head. He shoved his c*** back in her p**** and started pounding like he was trying to ruin her p****. Mary was screaming with pleasure. Steve was very aware Mary is not on birth control. After a minute Steve said he was close to c******. I spoke up and asked Steve to be sure and "pull out". Steve replied, "I have a better idea, tonight you are the birth control". I didn't know what he meant? I few seconds later Steve looked at me and said "come here". He ordered me to get on my knees beside him and open my mouth. I said "NO WAY"! Steve then said "hope you like black babies cause I am gonna nut in her". Mary then screamed, "just do it"! So I got on my knees facing Steve. He pulled out of Mary's p**** and turned toward me. He stroked his c*** a couple of times and said "here it comes". I opened my mouth just in time for the first stream to hit the back of my tongue. I gagged and moved a little. The second glob hit me on the cheek so I made an effort to catch the rest in my mouth. Steve looked down and said "swallow it like a good boy". He laid down on the bed and started to make out with Mary. I then went to the bathroom, rinsed out my mouth and cleaned up. I sat on the edge of the bed while they played around and laughed at what just happened. Steve commented on how glad he was that the birth control problem was solved. After a few minuted of rest Steve again f***** Mary, and again I let him c** in my mouth. First thing today I told Mary to call her doctor and get a prescription for birth control. Mary just laughed it off and said "maybe, I kinda enjoyed last night".

Jun 3, 2021

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  • You and your wife should get tested for aids, as for the monkey he will probably end up killing both of you one day.

  • Fake. Ur cuckhold fantasy is pathetic

  • This is the confessor (husband). No it is not fake. Shortly after this our male friend was not satisfied with me swallowing his c**. He began unloading in wife's p****. She refused birth control and now she is pregnant.

  • Fake!!

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