I'm in love with a man half my age

I'm forty one and to look at me you'd think i was a middle class soccer mom...and while i am a mother, i also have another side to me...for the past five months I've been sleeping with a guy who's twenty two...it's always been purely sexual between us, we would never be able to maintain a relationship...he's a gang banger and a real dangerous guy...the problem is that I've started to have strong feelings for him and although neither of us has said it i know he cares for me too...i just don't know what to do because i know there's no way we could ever be truly together but i also can't help the way i feel. Now it's gotten to the point where he's doing things that will make it obvious to others that we're involved and i think he's doing it on purpose. Idk what to do now...

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  • I think u should enjoy what u have ..... ive been there and we really loved each other....go for it! lifes too short!

  • I am...he makes me feel alive and sexy and desirable

  • If he excites you and arouses and pleases you, I don't see the problem. Enjoy him. All of him.

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