Trouble brewing

My wife and I have been married less than 6 months and her cat hates my dog, and continually runs claws-out sneak-attacks against him while he's sleeping. The cat is a piece of s***, but my wife won't do anything about it. Last few days, been thinking about making both her and the cat leave......permanently.

Jul 11, 2014

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  • Wow Good thing you both didn't have kids hate to see what would happen
    But seriously sounds like one of the animals needs to go or your never
    going to be happy , what a crapy way to start a marriage must be really bad for u to want to kick her and her cat out .

    This is why living together before marriage you would of seen this problem right away .

  • Kill the f****** cat. Cats don't care about anybody or anything other than themselves: they are the narcissists of the animal world. They give no love or appreciation: they only take. My guess? Your wife is exactly the same as her cat. She could give a s*** about anything other than herself. Get rid of both of them.

  • I hate cats. You should secretly take the little s***-starter to a shelter and dump it there. Good riddance, I say. As for your wife, if she can't get over the loss of a worthless cat, I suggest that you take the little s***-starter to a shelter and dump her there. Good riddance, I say.

  • Less than 6 months and you're ready to leave your wife? Buddy, you have other issues that have nothing to do with your pets. Really, why did you even bother getting married. Can't imagine what will happen when things really get tough. So, you get married knowing that each of you had a pet and just assumed that they would get along when you merged households. Yea, pets are like people..sometimes they don't get along. Eventually they will work it out and figure out the hierarchy and/or tolerate one another or not. Since you both are unwilling to part with one or both pets, then you have to do whatever it takes to make sure that there is harmony in the household. This will be a good test for you to see how you two really work together. And who knows, you may actually warm up to the cat..sounds like you two have a lot in're both pieces of s***. A suggestion call up your local SPCA and talk with an animal behaviorist about suggestions for getting this thing worked out.

  • Cats love anti-freeze.

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