I еnjоу сlаssiсаl mчsiс

The funny thing is this...before I
listened to classical music I was and still am a fan of Type O Negative it's true.

Feb 1, 2019

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  • That's nice. I like making tie-dye and batik shirts and hunting. The trick is to not do them at the same time.

  • What is everyone's problem?

  • Confession Post: Where The Window-Lickers Go After the Glass is Clean

  • Blow my co.ck the way you blow your flute wh.o.re!!!!!!

  • Instead i will chop your nuts you bastardd as i am a guy

  • IDGAF,so I repeat,

    Blow my co.ck the way you blow your flute wh.o.re!!!!!

  • Ask your mom to do it mother fuckker

  • Yeah,but she don't play the flute!

    Whereas you do,and being a male who chose the flute out of all the instruments out there,must make you a c********* for sure!!!

  • Loser like you will troll people here only ensuring your safety if you are a son of only father which i doubt then tell me your location i will teach you manhood and who is real male. I spit on your mom's womb to bear a little coward weasel like you. If you are a real man talk to me like a man. I ll show you what this flute blower can do else send you mommy to me i ll give another seed bcuz you are an embarrassment to them. You don't have any fuckingg job except trolling. What a fuckinn idiot you are...absolutely no self respect....

  • Yeahhh,you're still a coc.ksu.cker I'm afraid.
    A little bit.ch coc.ksu.cker too

  • C.o.c.k.s.u.c.k.e.r

    A male flautist c.o.c.k.s.u.c.k.e.r

  • What's your fav instrument? I play flute

  • Mines the euphonium. I used to play it.
    (I'm the country fan dude👍)

  • Oh how nice and thank alot😃

  • Flute is cool too,I like how your lips look when you play it 😃

  • Vern Gosdin was one of the best
    That's my opinion about country

  • Like me,I actually quite like country music 😅
    Of course id never admit it to my friends!!!

  • As you grow older, you will realize that the boundaries imposed by conformity and stereotyping can deny us many pleasures.

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