Motley Crue, I Regret!

When I look back I regret the things I used to be into. I was really into heavy metal music (and glam rock) and I used to think the band members were fantastic. My favourite was Motley Crue. Nothing special about their music come to think of it, but for some reason I really admired Nikki Sixx.

I was only in my early teens when Dr Feelgood came out. In those days, it was very hard to obtain English magazines, let alone rock/metal magazines in my home country. I had to go far to get one. I remember sticking a poster of Nikki Sixx on my wall.

Then when I reached 15 I decided to learn classical guitar. A year after I had a girl band that played rock, punk and heavy metal music. I played the bass, Nikki Sixx inspired me.

Now I'm over all the heavy music stuff. But I can't help to find out and read about those people I used to look up to. It's embarrassing to see old people behave like mad teenagers. With their wigs, false teeth and overweight bodies. Recently I came across some stuff of Motley Crue's members' past. I was shocked and I felt stupid thinking that I used to like trashy people like them. And it wouldn't be fair to single out just Motley Crue, ALL entertainers are trash. I could kick myself.

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  • Nikki Sixx is a h*** with DJ Ashba from Sixx A.M..that's why

  • Personally I don't understand why you are suddenly such a hater of the bands you used to enjoy. I have no issue with bands that can still crank out the music I used to enjoy. I will say that the Rolling Stones need to hang it up for sure. I don't know who looks worse playing, Keith Richards or Charlie Watts on the drums. AC/DC can still get the job done for sure!

  • I loathe their past and I feel embarrassed that the fact I used to admire them. Read The Dirt and you know what I mean. I don't expect artists or anyone to be saints - but it knocks you for six to know what some people are really like, people who don't deserve attention let alone respect.

  • Don't be daft. We change as we age and one of the things that change a lot is our taste in music. But it seems to me you have looked at rock musicians as idols rather than musicians because your knowledge is not great - Dr Feelgood are NOT heavy metal and their stuff was great and still is. Yes they are now old (one of the originals is actually dead) but take just one moment to look at what Wilko Johnson has gone through and has faced with wry humour.
    We all get old, including you and is about time you grew up.

  • I didn't call Motley Crue a heavy metal band, okay? Glam rock is the right term, isn't it? When I said "heavy metal" I meant like Metallica, Megadeth, etc I was into all that as well but the post is about Motley Crue. I see those guys as people not idols, and I'd gone off their music - that I used to think was great - and I think it's a sign that I've grown up, don't you think?

  • Don't beat yourself up. Music is and always has been a largely generational thing. Those bands were a phase or stage in your life, which you are now beyond. Enjoy the things that interest or intrigue you now. In ten more years, they will also be different.

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