Just read. Stillbirth, still dealing.

I had a stillbirth 3 & 1/2 years ago. I didn't have insurance or medicaid because I didn't qualify & didn't receive any hel from my parents since they were so upset about my pregnancy. I was 19. Ya I was young. Fast-forward I lost my daughter & was never explained in detail what happened. There were no answers. I was devastated & broke I left the hospital & never made a payment. My bill is about 21,000$ & I want to raise money to help with this outrageous bill. I need help raising 25,000$ so that I can get see a therapist. My life is so crazy, I know it doesn't have to be but I need help..
Even if I can't raise this money is there anyway or any government program that can help with some of the cost?
I was getting billed constantly & I remember thinking, "Why can't this hosptial just pity me after everything I've gone through & eliminate the bill??"
I haven't been billed anymore but scared to contact them & bring it back up.
Of course with help & money raised I will contact them. I genuinely want to pay them back.
I miss her so much. My angel.



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  • "Waaah, I was stupid plus my body doesn't work right. Pay my way through life!"

    NOPE. lol

  • So, it's over four years later. How went the "i was stupid and maed babby 2 young so give me free money" beg-a-thon?

    Sew your flapping ga$h shut, dumba$$. Using it to pay your way through life never ends well.

  • B****** always wantin a free ride after some bloke rides them

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