I Watched My Wife Get Gangraped And Did Nothing To Stop It

I must preface this by saying I have asked my wife to f*** other men on several occasions and she has always insisted that she does not want to. This weekend we went to a large party at a friends house. There was lots and lots of alcohol and some X was flowing around the place too. After 5 or 6 mixed drinks my wife took some X and started getting pretty wild. At one point she had 3 or 4 guys dancing with her and they were fondling and rubbing her and she never stopped them. Eventually a good friend of mine who knows of my fantasy of her f****** other men started leading her towards a back bedroom. As he did several other guys from the party followed and so did I. In the bedroom they continued dancing with and fondling her and were gradually undressing her as they did. When she was nearly naked she realized what was happening and began to resist. They already had her skirt and tanktop off and were in the process of removing her bra, so there wasn't much clothes left to remove. Between the alcohol and X she was in no shape to resist much and they had no intentions of stopping. As she began to protest they grabbed her and roughly threw her on the bed and yanked off her panties. I stood and watched as several of them held her down as my friend f***** her. After he came in her he switched places with one of the other guys and that guy f***** her. This continued until all 5 of them had f***** her. The entire time she was fighting to get loose which I think just turned them on even more. As the last guy finished up I slipped out of the room without her knowing I had even been there. That was Friday night. She has said nothing about it the entire weekend, so I am unsure if she doesn't remember it or if she actually enjoyed it and doesn't want to admit it.


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  • I'd bet your wife loved it but the resisting was because she knew you were watching and she didn't want you to see how much she loved it.

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  • I hate gang bangs. The only time I was ever at one I was the first to f*** her and the rest of the morons got my seconds . . . LOL. Anyway, I did c** in her mouth so there wasn't much in her p**** for my friends to use for lube.

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  • Me in my wife where at some bar in Florida in my wife was dressed very sexy in a group of black younger men was looking at us we didn't pay it no mind we payed are bill in wall back to are motel room she was drunk in so was i we didn't no them men watch us go in are room my wife put on her seethouth black nightie some one was knocking on are motel door my wife look out the window in it was a lot of men out side are room talking in saying open the door my wife though something was wrong so she open the door in they came in are room in tolled my wife they where going to f*** here the one guy grabbed my wife in put her on the bed face first i just was in disbelieve of what was taken place make a long story short 9 black men took turns f****** my wife for five hours the gave my wife h*** it was allful be my wifeis ok in where home now thank you

  • What the f*** is wrong with you f***** up “men”? I would die first before I just sat there and watched my wife being gang r-a-ped in front of me while I did nothing . You f****** need to man up and protect your wives.

  • My wife loves an occasional gang bang. It is needed by her. I love to clean up the c**.

  • Me too my wife loves it

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  • Odds are she enjoyed it and is afraid to tell you

  • You are one sorry piece of S H I T! You stood there and let your wife get
    r a p e d by multiple men and did nothing. You cowardly F******! This was no g*******. I hope this haunts you the rest of your life and better I hope she finds out you stood and watched and did nothing. What a piece of s h i t!

  • Wish it was me in her place except 10 guys and f***** in the ass and mouth. Video taped and gone viral online to pornographers. A fantasy come true!

  • I’ll make it happened

  • My wife and I were grabbed by 2 black men in a parking garage. It was late at night and we had been drinking at a local club. They punched me in the b**** knocking me down and proceeded to pull my wife's pants down, rip her b**** free and one f***** her while the other one got oral s** from her. I did try to get up a few times only to get my b**** kicked hard again leaving me gasping for air.
    The next day my wife blamed me saying I was a sissy for not standing up for her. She said I was a sissy for holding my b**** instead of trying to fight them off. She had a huge o***** and took and swallowed a huge load.
    She told me that from now on I better defend her or she will kick me in the b**** too.

  • My wife had too much to drink after work with friends. A black friend drove her home. I got him a beer and we sat down and chatted. Suddenly he got up and said he was going into the bedroom to check on her.
    When he did not come back after about 10 minutes I went up to the bedroom an d he was f****** her. And she was actively f****** him back. It was obviously too late to stop him. I watched her have a great o***** and I heard him moan when he came in her.
    When he was done I confronted him saying he had no right doing that. We struggled a bit and then he kicked me in the b**** so hard I fell to the floor in pain and almost threw up. While I was on the floor he kicked me hard again. I was buckled over in pain and I looked up at him and he said, I'm gonna f*** your wife any time I want. Understand?I whimpered a yes.
    The other day my wife kicked me in the b**** really hard and I fell to the floor and she laughed at me and called me a sissy. My wife and I have not had s** in 3 months.

  • Jail would be a good place for you. Lets see how you like it.

  • I was in jail for 4 months for a dui and had my butt taken twice. I know what it is like. Not as bad as I had feared.

  • I've been told that when a white guy goes to jail, black guys take his ass. From what I have heard most guys like it and become bi sexual after they get out. I had my ass taken once and I can tell you it feels really great.

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  • F** to begin with. You should kill yourself.

  • I want to watch my wife get big c*** so bad

  • I want to watch my wife get f***** also. I wish to be tied up gagged & watch two guys take turns with her.. They even DP her. Once in my life at a party her girl friend told me my wife was in the back room. When I got there she was on her hands & knees (drunk). She looked surprise to see me. Her skirt hike up over her ass her top gone completely. She turned to me” oh hi honey , Joe is f****** my a******”. I didn’t know what to do but watch her taking it the ass. She did offer me a b*******. We never spoke of this

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  • I watched my wife take a black guy in Jamaica. It was so hot.

  • We went to Jamaica too. Ocho Rios. I was playing gold and a black guy came up to my wife on the beach. He sat down next to her and began feeling her up. She did not try to stop him and he f***** her really good.
    When I got back to the hotel she was naked in bed. I got in bed with her an d she told me what happened. We then had the best s** we had had in a long time!

  • Me to I watched my wife on our honeymoon, take 2 bulls,it was so horney, she's now pregnant and looks so sexy

  • On the honeymoon, that is hot!!!

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  • I have watched my wife have s** with other guys on new years eve. We drink a lot and everyone kisses and feels each other up and it matters not whose wife we are with . It is f*** time! Happy New Year!

  • How do I get my wife to have s** with my friends and she lets me watch

  • The best way is to get a friend or friends to take her when you are not there. Then after a time or two she will not care if you watch or not.

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    I’m happy for you and your happy wife.

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  • My wife won't she needs a good xXxX several BBC would do but for now I would like her to heat up for anyone

  • I tried to get a black guy off my wife when he was raping her and he hit me so hard it almost knocked me out. He proceeded to f*** her long and hard, calling her a w**** and slapping her around.
    The next day she told me she had the most intense climax of her life.
    I asked if she would want it to happen again and she said, do you think you can find him?!

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  • And he knows you’re reading these to beat your meat.

  • Or was ashamed to tell you what your bests buds did to her or if you would believe her

  • I want to see my wife tonight because I love her so much

  • I love her too, and I don’t care if you watch me fu ck her. Come on over.

  • All you lying phaggots are just that phaggots writing about how nggars did this and nggars did that when a majority of you are nggars pretending to be white because your pathetic Losers that need a giant d**** shoved up your phaggot ass and your tiny b**** removed so that you black phaggots can't reproduce and make little phaggots .no real white man would ever let a s*** skin nggar do anything to his family with that porch monkey dying like the cowards they are and if you are the kind of cracker that would do nothing than you are not of my race but instead just another phaggot nggar piece of trash that's why other whites don't mind when you get f***** in the ass by a nggar cause your weak and pathetic genes need to die with you or shared with a nggar to further make their race IQ drop even lower you scumbags.

  • You sound like a little wenny white boy that is jealous of black men, I bet you secretly crave big thick black meat in your mouth and azz

  • I’m a 250 pound white boy with a gun you want to meet with me n***** and I’ve got some special friends that would like to meet you too rangers or maybe just shut the f*** up!!!!

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  • I too watched helplessly as 2 black guys in Jamaica raped my wife on the beach.
    We were on vacation and were sunning on a nude beach. Suddenly 2 black guys appeared, stood over my wife and smiled. She started to get up and was pushed down. Then one pulled her legs way up, separating them and put his c*** deep in her very quickly. I started to get up and the other one pushed me down and kicked me in the b**** twice. I was in pain. I watched as my wife had a huge o*****. Then the second guy, rolled her over, spread her legs and took her ass. She yelled in pain but he kept on f****** her and soon she started rising up to meet his thrusts.
    she came a second time. Then one of them turned to me and started p****** on me. Then they disappeared as quickly as the had appeared. My wife and I hugged, took a tip in the ocean and went to our room. We had very good s** then. She told me she wants more black guys now. I said OK.

  • Same stupid f** posting over and over about getting kicked in the b****. Cut the BS and quit reposting under fake stories...all with your f** fantasy of getting kicked in the b****.

  • I was raped by 4 men while my husband watched and I liked it

  • Wow what a story that must be.!

  • That's so hot

  • And I wish it would happen again

  • Right. What a load, no pun intended. You don't have much of a future writing p***.

  • Any man that would let two ugly black men rape his wife needs to be f***** up the ass until he bleeds. You are a scumbag.

  • Your wife must have enjoyed other C**** for a change. I had story where 4 young guys 18-22 f***** my 36yr old wife and she said the more they did her the more she wanted it it lasted 30 minutes and they all came in her c*** As she did not want to let them go. They said she is a randy old b**** who needs an army to f*** her she said it was good but they can’t keep going.

  • We have horses and a black barn boy who is 20. My wife who is 40 has been letting him f*** her for over a year. I just ignore it.

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  • Stupid white trash that lets an ugly black man f*** her. You are a wimp.

  • You should be killed

  • I've done same but made mine wear sheer pantyhose with only very short dresses or skirt. At all times, she had no idea what went on in adult theatres so took her to atl. Ga. One sat her down said had to go to bathroom...hee hee she was looped as I just got her smashed at black club..came back and enjoyed show

  • My wife and I had a few drinks at a local bar. A black guy chatted her up and was very suggestive. I told him to get lost and he left.
    We paid our tab and went out to the parking lot. He came up behind her, grabbed her, hand over her mouth, dragged her to behind a car, ripped her pants off, pushed her face down and f***** her hard. There was nothing I could do. I yelled at him called him a n***** and tried to pull him off her but it was no use. I heard her yell in o***** and heard him moan as he came in her.
    I thought it was over but he grabbed me, threw me on the ground, stepped on me and put his c*** up to my mouth and sad suck my c*** you sissy f**. I was immobile and took his wet c*** and tasted his c** and my wife's juices. He kicked me in the b****, told me I would never f*** my wife again and left.
    He took my wife's purse. He brought it to our house, f***** my wife several times, forced me to take his c*** in my ass and made me his b****. I have not had s** with my wife since. We are his property now and we have to pay him $1000 a month. He drives my new BMW and I drive his 2008 Toyota. He ties me up, slaps my face, spanks me hard, calls me sissy b**** f** and other names. I wear pink panties and admit I am now a true f**.

  • If this is a real story you are a sissy and deserved to have the s*** beat out of you. That n***** would have been kicked in the b**** so hard he would have never used them again.

  • This was written by a n*****.

  • So...wow, and not a good wow. You won't do much screaming with any level of 'x' in you, which is why it is called the date rape drug you morons. And the husband...you are a f****** idiot! There are two kinds of 'good friends'; those who truly are loyal good friends and won't let anything happen to anything you care for, and those 'good friends' who will f*** your wife behind your back, empty your wallet and s**** your life...but they are your 'Good Friends!"
    Dear, dear husband...you are a total ass wad for even telling anyone that there is this type of fantasy. And...you are a p**** for not stopping it, or even being prepared to fight...like, say... oh, wait... grab a lamp and crash some a******* head with it? I'm pretty sure that would stop all the nonsense...or wait... uhm... even fake a call to 911? You are a d***. Yes, your wife was gang-raped, but you, you total f***...allowed it.

  • I bet this story is some wankers Fantasy and he probably is rubbing his pathetic little pee pee while he made it up. Nobody is that stupid or would let the happen to their lover

  • Let's hope she enjoyed it. Even if she did not, though, I'm glad it happened and that you were able to watch. Pity you did not film it so you could watch it and m*********. Hopefully the experience will open her up to the idea. She may not realize it now, but the experience was good for her.

  • Wtf is wrong with you

  • I experienced this about 6 months ago, hubby and I are swingers and go to strip clubs, well we were this one and I was wearing my usual short skirt and high heels and my 38DD's popping out. When we left the club we went around the building were we parked and as we got to the truck, 5 black guys had followed us and started whistling and saying stuff, "nice legs, a**", well my hubby asked them if they wanted a peak, so asked me to pop my t*ts out, as I did, they ran up to us, 1 pulled a gun out, took my hubby's wallet and ring, another turned me around against the truck and pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and said, "I want these", and then they all started to rape me on the tailgate. Making me s**k them and they f**ked me for about 40 mins. all 5 while they made him watch at gun point. Needless to say we don't go there anymore.

  • Another story written by a n*****. If you are real and going to a place like that you better be packing a weapon.

  • Your a swinger sounds like perfect night out. You both got f***** by black men enjoy it

  • Why not. You enjoyed that so go there again

  • Nice fantasy

  • Is this where all the cucks congregate?

  • You are here so...

  • And she never screamed once or called for help? Hmm.....Sounds like you both had a fantasy fulfilled.

  • My bf put an ad on Craigslist pretending to be me and posting that my fantasy was to be raped by strangers. We went to a bar one night and I was strangely drunk. I went to puke outside and some guy picked me up and pinned me against the hood of a car. I felt everything but I couldn't move. Someone drugged me. I was raped repeatedly by all the Men there and some guys who came for last call. First I actually came a few times. I knew I was being raped so might as well relax and enjoy it. But then guys that walked by would stop and just rape me a little to c** in me, laugh and walk away.
    It wasn't funny at all anymore. I almost choked on c**, I screamed but no one stopped. I was spanked. When they flipped me and raped my a***, I screamed but was silenced again by making me give them head. This went on until I was tired and didn't struggle anymore. I just submitted. As I'm laying there, knowing I've had about 15 guys c** in me and I don't take birth control....When the bar owner came out closing the bar there was a cop with him and they just looked and laughed. And the guys kept going. I was raped for almost 4 hours. The sun was coming up and they stopped. Someone throw a $5 bill on me and said ' Good girl ' and I heard laughter.
    My bf walked over and picked me up. SOB watched the whole thing. When we were home, he showered me and raped me but I was passed out. I woke up with him in me and it was almost night time. I snuck out when he finally went to bed. He was angry and stalked me one night and raped me so hard I passed out. I woke up in someone's kitchen completely naked and so sore. I was 18. I'm still scared. I moved out of state to hide from him. These rape stories aren't funny.

  • If you were being forced and some guy stuck his d*** in your mouth. Why didn't you just bite the f****** thing off and put and end to it.

  • Rape isn't funny at ally but you do sound like you need a good man to make up for your rapes. Let me own your p**** and ass for a day and you'll never feel raped again.

  • Ok. But how?

  • Really its really a painful but try to be brave and returned to the normal life , I know its difficult for you but you must try and forget all the evil things which they did to you

  • I fapped to this

  • Anybody who gets p***** about this confession is just plain dull.

  • Have done group s** with and without my husband present in the past before and the first couple years we were married. The first time we were partying after the wedding reception and the guys were all over me. His friends and two of my coworkers. We went over to our hotel room with me still in my wedding dress and my husband and 6 other men. I did some more coke and that was it they all had me before my husband did. We woke up the next day, it was awful. I was a total mess, my husband next to me and one of my coworkers behind me. I tried sneaking away but he woke up and told me to not get out of bed and he tried to have s** with me again. I told him no but he got in me again. About half way through my husband woke up looked at me and smiled and said good morning mrs so and so. I moaned good morning as my coworker was pounding me from behind. He got mad and said why did I need a g******* on our wedding night. Why is your friend from working f****** you now and why are you letting him. The whole time he was yelling at me the guy never stopped and just before he came I did too. I look back and think wow that was crazy and slutty. Wonder what was said about me. Sometimes I miss it

  • Wow, wish I was invited to your wedding.

  • Time to kick your work friend right in the nuts, then you. "I told him no, but he got in me again." Nowhere do you say you fought back, or clawed the skin off or anyone's eyes out? Damn... Sounds like the hubby was more interested in 'talking' instead of beating the s*** out of the a****** who was s******* his new wife...while she "moaned hello..." lame!

  • You sound like an amazing wife and a really good f***.

  • Did this to my wife. Got her really drunk at a huge party and then me and about 15 maybe 20 black guys f***** my wife. Went on from 1am till about 9am she tried fighting back after about 4 hours but we held her down and took turns pounding her hard

  • You are dumb as a f****** post you white trash POS.

  • Oh yea, that's f****** hot.

  • I want this to happen to my wife badly!

  • I did something like this to my wife. I blindfolded her and tied her ankles to her wrists. She didn’t know that I had invited my friend Paul around to f*** her. He licked her p**** and then pushed his c*** down her throat. She doesnt like giving head, so it was wonderful seeing her gagging on his shaft. He pumped his seed down her throat and slapped her face with his c***. All the time she thought it was me....she was calling me all the names under the sun but screamed when She felt two c**** against her cheeks! I f***** her roughly while Paul got hard again. We turned her onto her face and Paul f***** her ass while I rammed her mouth. When we finished, Paul picked up his phone, photographed her well f***** face and p****. He sent her the pictures and also invited four other guys over. They all banged her for about three hours and she was videoed sucking each guy off. Her c** spattered face was a real treat!

    She now sucks me off every morning - and Paul sells her to his friends, giving me 20%.

    She’s now the w**** in bed that I wanted!

  • I want to do this
    But don't want wife to get mad and leave me
    Should I do it?

  • I want something like this to happen to me

  • If she didnt want it she wouldnt have gotten high / drunk. she wanted rape but needed an excuse for it to happen

  • I can help out just male me and I will f*** her well

  • No you ddnt

  • H*** yes! She got was she deserved. You should make it a point to get her in the same situation as often as possible but take a video of it next time - many of use would love it see the whole thing.

  • You are a vile f****** sicko. wow. you will rot in h*** for that. you sat there and watched your friends rape your wife, who was struggling. wowoowowwow. i dont know if this is even true because if so.....

  • You're f***** up bro

  • I love it! such a great scenario to enjoy watching her be rape!

  • Leave her alone. Love her take care of her.

  • When I was a teen I noticed my younger brother and some others guy friends of his get really excited, like they were doing something REALLY naughty, as they were trying really hard to act like they were not up to something. I kept my eyes on them to try to figure out what they were up to. Something REALLY was exciting to them as they kept pointing different ways. After a while one of them switched cups with a girl. Right then, I had a pretty good idea on what they were up to. My first emotion was excitement followed closely by conflicting thoughts.

    As the drug started to take effect some of the guys staged a fight. While all heads were turned to the fight, my brother and three others did their best to take her away. They weren't unnoticed. When one other girl challenged what they were up to, I found myself interjecting and pulling the other girl aside. I told her that one of them was my brother. I was going to go with to make sure nothing bad happened. I don't know why I said that. I hadn't planned on it.

    I caught up to them as they were getting her into a bedroom. They tried to lie to me that they weren't up to anything. I felt the need to be in the room too. I told them the truth about what I said to the other girl and warned it wouldn't look good for me to be caught going back now or staying out in the hallway. Besides, I want to watch to make sure nothing too bad happens. Now lets gently get her clothes off without wrecking them.

    I know it was wrong, but I LOVED what happened next. The only way it could have been better, was if I was the one that was drugged. I made sure to give them that hint, several times. The next party, I was next

  • I would have liked to pump c** in you

  • I love women like you. You know how wrong rape is, you know the girl will have been violated and traumatised for life, but you helped the guys rape her anyway because you knew you'd love it! you rock. I'm rock hard.

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  • Damn ur bad.. i love it!

  • As I read this 2 guys from a truck stop are f****** h*** out of my wife. When they're done I get too clean up. We do this 4 nites a week

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  • Woe good luck to you. Wish I could do that.

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  • I love all these people calling him sick you know if a woman is willing to get wasted to the point she doesnt know whats happening especially a married woman she deserves what those around her in control do this goes for men as well if u surrender control others will take control

  • Please kill yourself.

  • This made me so f****** wet. That's one of my fantasies to be gang raped, roughly and have every single one of them fill me up 😊

  • I’m available

  • Oh f*** yeah

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  • A fantasy of mines too do one too. Me & several friends f****** a woman against her will, making her c**.

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  • Sounds just like my chinese wife born to be used and abused

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  • I was at a party and there was a cute girl that everybody is paying attention to.One of my friends said that she was letting guys hope her. So I walked by her and watched guys feeling her up. I mean they were rubbing her p**** grabbing her ass. And were pulling out her clothes and she was giggling, I could tell she was really f***** up.One guy pulled out his c*** and she was strokiing him. Almost the same as the other story she just got pushed into a corner and he lifted up her dress and is rubbing his c*** on her p****. In a matter of seconds her clothes for being ripped off by other guys and she looks so hot she had a perfect body and she's grabbing onto the guys shoulders. He spun around and pushed her out into the middleof the floor. I overheard some of the girls they're saying god she's such a s*** I can't leave her husband's letting her do this. I was like what? And Shernoff I saw a guy jerking off on the sofa that she kept on looking at.
    Everybody was tagteaming her. The first guy definitely came in her p**** while she was blowing another guy and become was dripping down her leg and another guy just stepped right up and slipped inside her he f***** her for two seconds and came and it went on for probably 25 minutes most of the girls left. I couldn't resist this so I let her blow me and she swallowed it. I wish I had f***** her husband came over and was kissing her and f***** her tooshe was completely naked. I think they've done it before. I have the idea I'd like to see my girlfriend do the same thing now take on it but you guys have loads of come dripping out of her f***** p**** starting to think I'd like to lick her after she's been gang-banged. Later on that evening she was still walking around completely naked and a couple of the guys just pushed on the floor and held her down and we will watch her get f***** again she was so drunk I don't think she knew who even her husband was

  • Lol happened to me many times. My husband loved watching other men have s** with me whether I wanted it or not. The best was our wedding night but anytime we went out clubbing I would wind up in a storage room or outback or in our car having s** with the bouncers or other customers. At my company Christmas party the entire wait staff and bartenders had s** with me. One of my girlfriends at work saw me with two men fondling me and then one of the guys closed the door as the other f***** me. She waited for them to finish when she asked if I was alright if I was raped by them and I smiled and said no it was ok and consensual. She was shocked. Another man came by and pointed to the closet and I went with him. My husband asked if I did them all before we left and said all but the girls. Every male staff member made sure they said good night before we left. My husband thanked them and gave a few our phone number. I'd rather do it with him then when he's not around.

  • Call police you f.

  • How could you let your wife get ganged raped because you have sick ungodly fantasies. Wow better hope you never go to jail cause that might be your same fate. ganged raped by several men! Your a scum bag

  • Many are making jokes and are all men. How about your Try getting hang banged by 15 men?

  • You're a sick excuse for a man. You'd be dead in the ground if I knew you.

  • I did the same thing with my wife. Add a party she drink some wine and somebody slipped something into it. She was wearing tight yoga pants and a tight camisole she couldn't wear panties or a bra or clothes were so tight. Guys were groping her and I just love watchingOne of the guys grabbed her yoga pants and started pulling them down past your knees and she just kick them off. Everybody was looking at her bald l p**** and watching him rubbing her. He pushed her down on her knees and pulled out his c***, and she start sucking right there in front of everyone. She was just giving this guy a b****** and everybody else was cheering her on a couple of the guys lifted herup and pushed her on the sofa and start f****** her she just laid there and let them take turns her camisole had been pulled off her t*** and bunched up around her waist She f***** five guys she's white by the way and they were all black she said the next day she couldn't believe she did it and I said I got to see her do it again and she said OK I can't waitfor the next party

  • I would love to seen and play a part in that action.

  • Would love too meet her.


  • My wife of now 18 years once confessed to me she had been raped not once but a total of 8 times her first when she was 14 and then along the way I met her at age 36 and she had been married and had 3 kids when I met her all from different guys. About 5 years into our marriage she said a friend of her son's a 17 yr old kid raped her. He had also come back several more times. I asked her could she give me a guess on how many guy have had her and were I was in the list. She said I was about her 15th and on the day I asked her she said she has had a good 25. Like I said we have been married now 18 years no since going for divorce now I have excepted what she has told me.

  • She may have a fantasy about being raped and with the help of booze and opportunity she may have let it play out. I know my wife got raped while walking home through a park one night and she admitted to me that she had more than one o*****. He held her down with his hand to her throat but he promised her he would not hurt her if she let it happen. There are consequences I am the father of a black daughter now and my wife and I are not black.

  • I've had s** with lots of black men, never got pregnant. Consider yourself lucky that your wife was ok and not hurt but pleased and will always have that memory of that special night.

  • You are the father of a black child because your wife like the BBC and most likely is still letting any BBC that even looks her way s**** her. If you don't know that then your not too bright. Haven't you noticed she tastes different when you go down in her? That's because your cleaning up all that BBC sperm she takes when your not around. Haven't you noticed how tight she used to be and now it's like throwing a hot dog into a cave when she lets you inside her? That's if she even lets you do anything but lick her anmore? She didn't just have a BBC and a baby then stop. She is Black Owned. Your a cuckold.

  • I agree with the guy saying he's the father, once a guy makes you his hoe more than the last she's his anytime until someone does it better and my wife and I want a black c*** to have her but wants the fattest c*** we could find and have him slam it in her and she haven't had anything near that big and only f***** like a hoe by me and I know what white guys can do but won't compare to BBC because they will make it fit and won't stop she will accept it no issue I would help hold her if needed and up for them using that p**** and mouth till they can't go anymore and that would be the start because I'm sure she will want more and if not then she would get it anyways because I'd bring her to them anyways,

  • Lmao I'm the dad hey bud

  • Does she have a rape fantasy before this happened and does she still have one

  • That was so hot,I completely understand where you're coming from in wanting to see your wife get gang raped,she obviously knew it happened as she would have had c** pouring out of her! What I don't get though is how you just left after the last guy was done? I'd have been sucking every drop of their s**** out of her and licking her well f***** p**** clean!

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  • What horrible people you are

  • No, you're just dull.

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  • I think that's amazing. I've always wanted my gf to get full of c*m from other guys!

  • About the same thing happened to me but my BF was behind it all I later found out.
    Someone had slipped Xtacy into my drink three times and I became a nymphomaniac I couldn't get enuf c*** I was even doubled by three different guys. I should have know something was up when my BF and I walked in there was only guys there but I payed no attention and began to dance with whoever asked me even with guys who didn't ask then it became bump and grind and three different guys lifted my skirt and ground their hard c**** against my belly and I didn't resist and that started it all.
    Soon it was three to five guys grinding their hard c**** against me and somewhere I lost my panties and I had no idea where they were next my blouse disappeared and now I was nude and did nothing to keep from dancing and feeling c**** against me soon I was led into a back bed room servicing two to three guys at a time and many two and three times over. I passed out but the f****** continued and get this my so called BF video taped everything 5 hours of me being f***** by more that 14 guys. When I came to I was so sore and I had c** every where on me and still flowing out of my p**** and ass. My hair was all sticky and I was alone in this guys house. It took me more than a hour to find my skirt and I never did find my blouse so I stole a shirt out of the closet.
    When I got home I found a box on my step, opened it and found a video tape when I got in the house I started to watch it and I couldn't take my eyes off of what was happening to me and I watched the whole 5 hours 14 minutes of me being played with, f*****, being eaten out and the worst part taking three dogs on each tying with me for over half a hour and seeing their still hard c**** when they pulled out of me and my p**** was sore but getting wetter by the minute.

  • I would love to watch your video with you and kiss you all over and f*** that hot p****. Hot story.

  • My husband and others have videod me having s** with other men and groups of men. Some I remember some I don't but I've watched them all and loved watching it. Yes I get very wet and have great s** with husband after watching.

  • Send me the video

  • Love to rape you

  • My wife confessed that she would like to be in a non pain rape,she had been drinking that night and told me she would enjoy a mmf rape.Your story was pretty hot and as long as they didn't harm you and you enjoyed watching the video what's the harm? Would you do it again?

  • That was great sweetheart, tell me more! Wish I could have f***** you too!

  • Since you watched it and liked it, I only regret you don't remember all of it! Sounds hot to me and I love you for it! I would like to eat your p**** right now! Don't feel bad because you are hot!

  • That is just amazing. You're amazing and soooo sexy x

  • That's just about the hottest thing I've ever read.

  • If you get sued by the court, you and your rapist friends wont have any money either, and will either end up homeless or in jail, where scum like you belong

  • Right

  • You just 'stood and watched' as 'several of them' held her down?....you wouldn't stand a chance in a court of law if she testified against you and your gang of rapists!.......you are existing on borrowed time, better prepare your notes for the court room, because you wont stand a chance of winning if she takes you to court, and neither will your rapist friends either....lawyers would have a field day with cases like this

  • Idiot, its legal to watch a rape in the US.

  • A wife relies on her husband, above all others, to protect her. You failed, and failed miserably, when she needed you most.

  • Rape frightens me, I'm a man, and a sorry excuse for one! When I was in school, another boy put his tongue in a girl's ear, and laughed! I was angry and scared, but too afraid to stop him! I cried most of my life, about that incident! I wish he did it to me instead! I'm a coward! Rape is not funny!

  • He didn't fail. He loved her enough to know she wanted and needed it. He loved her enough to set his jealousy aside and let her enjoy some strangers tool instead of his that hasn't been taking care of her properly. A good husband would do the same thing. As long as she isn't being hurt. I'm sure she started loving it within a minute or two and didn't even have to feel bad for asking. The real question is now that she knows what good s** is all about and liked it how many Men has she taken inside her that he doesn't know about? Give her the old taste test one of these nights she went out "with the girls" and you probably will have a big creampie waiting for dinner...lol

  • I think so too. Just resisted encase he got jealous she could put up an excuse an turn it on him! He said nothing so she got to play get own rape fantasy out. He should mention it next time they are having s**. I'll bet she has gone to more parties and played the s*** role again. Jmo

  • F*** no... My b**** wife always grunts stupid comments about black guys... Latley I f****** yell at her when I'm f****** or fisting my b**** wife about her nasty fetish.. She just grunts and starts c****** .. Its only a fantasy she says... If I saw black men raping her .. I would watch because I know she would c** from the pounding ...she probably would yell at them to fist her.. I know shes a w**** ... I would let them pound her ... Fist her ..I don't care anymore

  • Just go with it Bro. You got yourself a good one and they are hard to find. Trust Me, She is a great lay. I usually only charge Black Men $1 for a handy, $5 for the lips, $10 for her well used love box, and $20 for her somewhat still tight ass. That way the whole housing project gets a turn with her at least once. She always makes me over a grand a night. Has she mentioned the dogs we have been training her with. She Loves the knot...lol

  • First of all if it was REAL rape, not down with that. If she doesn't remember and you just watched it happen, that makes you not only a total douchetool, but a criminal, and wouldn't be upset if you did time for it. THAT SAID, if it was a chick pretending, and there were multiple dudes f****** her while she PRETENDED, then I wish I lived closer or knew how to get in on that, 'cause that's hot as f***. I know rolling on X brings down the usual taboos to a whole new level, been there, done that MANY TIMES - but yeah, real rape, YOU and the other dudes get what you deserve; fake fantasy role play rape with the chick actually wanting it, I'm all in buddy, show my b**** the way.

  • Rape is never a good thing
    But all I want to know is why you didn't participate

  • I have always wanted to watch other men f*** her. Standing there watching them take turns on her was everything I desired.

  • I always wonder when guys rape a girl and c** inside then the next guy rapes her so she must have a lot of c** in her ?
    Arrant you afraid she going to get knocked up ?

    I personally think that is a real s***** thing to do rape is not a joke , if she asked to have a gage bang that is different but rape is not sexy or exciting it's a
    crime .
    Real men don't hurt woman they love them

  • So u watched her get raped f*** u must b a real good bloke she probably knows u watch it she probably just can't get over the fact u let them do it to her

  • Had 3 friends rape my wife. So hot. Filmed it all.

  • Love to see it

  • That is something I would love to do, sounds so hot.

  • My wife loves to meet guys and let the take her by force i love when she comes home and i get seconds of late she wants too be taken by another women

  • My husband loves it too when I'm all used and wet from other men. I must admit I like it too and it's been years since I've been shared around. I like it better when he's there watching me enjoying the moment knowing he is turned on by it.

  • You are a super woman one love you all the time

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