I left her alone, she got lonely, she cheated.

I had the prettiest girl in school. I was 2 years older than her.We were in love. After graduation, I had to move 3 hours away for a job. The plan was she would follow after she graduated and we would start our lives together. I visited twice a month, talked on the phone everyday, it was hard but we were in love. Then her graduation. Her parents started giving her a hard time about moving. On the day she was to move in she showed up with an overnight bag. She confessed she wasn't moving in, her parents had threatened to cut her off financially if she did, which was her college money. She left the next day, saying she would be back the following weekend. That fell through. The following week my car broke down, I couldn't make it home. We talked less. I was so angry she hadn't moved in, but I still loved her. Then Sunday morning we talked, her girlfriends had taken her out to a club the night before. She was going on and on about how much fun she had dancing. After I questioned her more, she told me about this nice guy at the club, and they just danced and that was all. I was sick to my stomach, but I didn't say to much about it, until later when she casually mentioned that her and her girlfriends were going back the following week. I begged her not to go, and after a long argument she promised she wouldn't. I was miserable all week. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had to see for myself if our relationship was real or over. I went to my home town without telling her the next Saturday night. I watched her house. Around ten, her girlfriends arrived, she came out in heels and a skirt and my heart nearly exploded. I followed them to the club, and watched from afar as the" real nice guy" danced and made small talk with the love of my life. I got nausea and had to go out to my car. My mind raced, what to do.I sat numb. Then the two of them came out and walked to a car. They drove, and I followed.Not far. A small house. They went in. Lights turned on inside. I crept to the window. I see her on the couch, smiling. He hands her a drink, and sits next to her watching the tv and talking. They laugh, I'm dripping with sweat. He leans in to kiss and she pulls back, I feel hope. They talk more. He pulls her close and kisses her. She doesn't resist and wraps her arms around him. I watch, heartbroken. He starts fondling her b****** while they kiss deeper. He rubs her thighs and his hand makes it's way between them. She lets him. Then he stands up, drops his pants to his ankles, then sits back down beside her. She pulls back a little, looking surprised and embarrassed. He puts his hand on her shoulder and caresses her face, they talk. He pulls her back to him and begins kissing her again. She relaxes. He reaches for her thighs again, and she slowly moves her hand down to his erection. I noticed that I to had an erection. He begins rubbing her v*****, and she begins stroking his p****. They pull her shirt off together, and he takes off his. He kisses and sucks her b******. Then pushes her head down on his c***, she complies. His is bigger than mine. After a little while, he lays her on her back and takes off her panties. He gives her oral s** for a little while, then unhooks her skirt and removes it. He licks her v***** for a few more minutes, until she reaches down and pulls him up on top of her. It was completely surreal watching him have s** with my girlfriend. It lasted 15 to 20 mins, I could see she was enjoying it. I realized that I was too. I was very erect, and breathing fast. He e********* on her stomach, and they laid together, catching their breath, and talking. Eventually they both got up and left the room. A few minutes later, they returned and began dressing. I watched for a few minutes, then went back to my car. I sat, shaking, sweating, ears ringing, waiting. They came out a short time later and returned to the club. I watched them go in, then I drove off. I went to my parents house, told them I was going to surprise my girlfriend in the morning, and after talking for a little while, went to my room. As I laid in bed, so many things went through my mind. Anger, Hurt,Humiliation,loss. I kept seeing him on top of her, and her face. I began to get excited again. I began to m********* while picturing them having s**. It wasn't long before I had an incredible o*****. I called her the next morning and told Her I got home late the night before so I could see her. I took her to breakfast and we talked, she was cool, not nervous. She said that she had gone to the club with her girlfriends because she was bored, but that they didn't stay long. I asked about "the nice guy", but she said he wasn't there. After breakfast, I took her to a hotel, and we had s**, I tried to out last my competition, so it lasted a good while.I was really turned on giving her oral s**, knowing that he had just f***** her less than 12 hours before. I realized that in spite of everything she had done, I still loved her, and wanted her more than ever. We made love 3 times. A few weeks later I moved back home, and tried to make our relationship work. It didn't. That was almost 30 years ago, and it is still my go to vision when I m*********. And deep down, I still love her.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I can understand, the same thing "kinda" happened to me. I rented a trailer with a guy. After a few months, I got suspicious of him and my girlfriend, so I acted like I had to go to work one morning, but I really had the day off. After about 15 mins, I slipped back in the back door. I could hear them in his room, I listened for a little while and soon heard her unmistakable s** moan, instead of wanting to kill them, I got very turned on.afterward, I slipped out and went to the bar. later I came home and acted like nothing had happened. His bedroom shared a wall with a living room closet that we never used because it was so full, so one day when I was alone, I rearranged the closet and made a discreet peep hole into his room, I would hide inside and watch him bang not just my girlfriend, but other girls as well. This went on for about a year and a half until he moved out. My girl and I are still together and happy, I have even considered getting another roommate. You are a voyeur, just like me. Why not try to get your current girl involved in something so you can watch?

  • Hey That was me! I'm the dude that totally tapped your gf's a$$!

    She told me how you had tried to make a good impression with your 3 inch pianist and that she had to fake it all the time to save your ego..

  • Something doesn't sound legit. Those details seem too graphic for me. But if not, sorry to hear it buddy.

  • WAAAAAAY too long!
    Didn't even read it.

  • that's sad, I'm sorry, but you should let it go. forget, she isnt worth it.

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