I let her go

I recently met with a girl who liked me very much and I also liked her very much. She made it clear that she was interested in me by giving me lots of signals and always flirting with me. I don't f****** know why I never made a move. I had never been in a relationship and maybe because of that, I was hesitant. Or perhaps I'm just a coward.

We were both at a party and it had been months since we met. She kept flirting with me but I never reciprocated even then. There was another guy who always competed with me in everything and would always try to assert his dominance over me. He was hitting on her even though he clearly knew that she liked me.

Even when she was getting all the attention from him, she was focused on me only. She told me to meet her in private and confessed to me. But I rejected her even though I was as much attracted to her as she was to me. We went back and soon she was receptive to the other guy now and was flirting back with him.

When the party ended, she went back with him. I heard her clearly mention booking a motel room with him. I'm sure they had s** that night. I went home and masturbated to the thought of it even though I was cursing myself.

A few days later I saw them sitting together outside the boy's dormitory. When the guy saw me he started fondling her b******. She giggled and tried to stop him but when she saw me, she kissed him with all her passion and grabbed his hand and put it in her skirt.

I keep thinking about why I let this happen to me but I can't stop masturbating to the thought of her giving her love and her body to him. What is wrong with me?

Feb 4

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  • Shyness isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does mean you’re going to have fewer experiences. I did the same thing with the girl of my dreams (back in the 80’s). I was shy and afraid of so much. I think I was that way because I had real trust issues with my mom growing up. Crazy thing is I truly respected this girls mom (I worked at her convenience store). Great family. I have regrets for sure. I guess I’m saying all this because you need to know something… you won! So what if she boned that guy! You got to keep her. Be happy brother!

  • I was also very shy around girls and a girl that I liked but didn't ask out on a date finally accepted and went out with another guy when he asked. They dated for a year and a half and they f***** at least twice a week. When they broke up I finally got up the nerve and asked her out. After a couple of weeks, we had s** for the first time. If I had asked her out earlier we would have lost our virginities together. Now I have a wife that another guy f***** several hundred times before I f***** her for the first time.

  • It’s not unusual for that,don’t worry .

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