Virgin wants Old man

I admit with shame for the longest time I've had sexual fantasies about an old man licking and taking my verginity. I watch so many dirty movies and read alot of erotica with older men taking care of young women. I wish it was me. I want him to be so dirty to me and do what ever he wants to me. From role playing to just about anything taboo and non taboo alike. But i just dont want to be just a quick one. I want him to be on call whenever I want him and be willing to play the many taboo cards thatnare out there. He could be fat, skinny, ugle, hansome. I dont care. I'm going to be 20 years old and I'm tired of being a virgin. The only thing is I'm afraid because what if I'm not what he wants apperance wise. I'm pretty average. Its just again I'm tired of being a virgin. Am I stupid or what?


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  • email me im a lot older

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