Taboo Role Play

I love taboo role play. Age play ** play ** play and would love some one to role play with.

Feb 7

Next Confession

I'd like to have a dream that actually makes sense.

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  • Just do stuff with real underage family members, you'll never look back.

  • Proud Hillbilly tradition basically all of this site.

  • Are you french

  • No, but I'm a Celtic sisterfucker just the same! I adopted a pitbull and a cat. I named the pitbull Muhammad and the cat Shlomo. Then I unleashed Muhammad on Shlomo. It took five minutes, but eventually Muhammad bit Shlomo's head beheading Shlomo instantly then spread his carcass all over my living room. I think the entrails that stained my Navajo carpet portended a misfortune for the jewy rats.

  • I just take my wife whenever I feel like it

  • The ultimate **. Family is family!

  • Imma sub male, like dom girls, forced into ** and humiliation

  • A three year old girl fought back against a Muslim ** who had to be hospitalized. It appears that the Muslim man knocked his head on a table as he was attempting to flee.

  • It can be fun. I used to fantasize about being kidnaped at other times just about being ** and at other times being punished with the cane.

  • And in your fantasy, you are the victim or the perp?

  • GREEK MAN MISTAKEN FOR BIGFOOT (Reuters) A Greek man has been the subject of a falsely-called Bigfoot sighting.

  • Victim

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