My favorite (wrong to watch) videos

I am not sexually attracted to anyone in my family, but incest p*** is my favorite kind.

I do not have a sister, which is probably why "brother and (not) sister" p*** is sexy and "taboo" to me, but I truly think if I have a sister, i'd try a move.

I don't know why, I know it's wrong but, taboo turns me an, and in a weird way, it makes me want to be naughtier than I am, but for the time, I read p*** on the internet, and pretend like I'm taboo. I doubt I could ever find someone to pretend to be my sister, and let me live this fantasy, and I couldn't ever commit a crazy passion crime, so for now im stuck stimulating myself to lies I tell myself.

May 26, 2015

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  • Since u don't have a sister it is completely waste of time. Do something which might benefit u on the long run. Yes like u incest turns everybody on. Try to throw ur interest in watching mom son video. When I was like ur age I used to fantasies girls who elder than me. I teied to hang around with them but had no luck. I watched similer videos & used to j*** off almost regularly. Then I had this idea of watching the mature p***. It completely changed the way I looked at mom. I was never an obedient son. But this videos specially the ones with mom & son actually changed things completely. I started talking polietly. I started taking extra care of my mother's need & anticipate them correctly. I went to that extent of anticipating things I knew when she requires a fresh packet of sanitary pads & bought it for her even before she could buy for herself. At first she was embarrassed but then I kept on buying all her private stuff and do things together which a mother would not want to together do with her son. It took almost seven to eight months to win her trust & get her on bed with me completely naked make her ride on my c*** . I tried all the possible moves that I had learnt. Believe me it felt sooooooo good to see her cry for ecstacy. Finally on her birthday I teated her like a queen & finally gave her the biggest present of her life. Yes she got pregnant with our baby in her womb. Now we live happly with 2 kids. So change ur priorty who knows u can get lucky someday

  • What about ur dad did she ditched

  • She was a divorcee

  • OMG !! very interesting one.... you have manipulated your mom completely. But the good thing is that u made her ur better half............ nice

  • I thought i was the only one lol omggg. Thank you for sharing this, i dont feel like a weird freak no more.

  • I like to watch daddy/daughter p*** but I'd never f*** my dad. I'd love to roleplay it tho... So hot.

  • Thats because you are scared to cross that line.

  • Same here, I love mom and son p*** but I never l*** my mom.

  • Do you have any details that maybe we could role play on?

  • I have the same fantasy. I do not have sister. But I am attracted towards my cousin sister. Her name is Farzana. She is married & has one son. But whenever she comes to home , she behaves very free to me. She wears very modern clothes.I have seen her while breastfeeding her son.I m********* after watching her open b****.Sometimes she spills some milk on my face.She arouses me.Sometimes my p**** got erected in front of her. Last month, she caught me while I was masturbating in my room.I was very nervous.Then she said, dont worry bhaijaan, its normal. I want to f*** farzana on bed.I want to see her full naked fair body, her ass,boos,p****,long legs,back, every part of her body.

  • She spills milk on ur face on purpose or accidently. Some women r very liberal they tend to mixup with people very easily & make friends with no wrong intension on her mind. Some women are extra adventurous. They want to have some sort of relationship either for popularity or for some quick f***. Do not confuse in between the 2.Try to spend more time with her when nobody is around, specially when she breastfeeds her child. Make sure she sees u watching her breast. Wear some tight track pants or shorts with stretchable fabric. Make ur bulge completly visible to her. Remember that in this aspect u r indirectly competing with her husband. So try to generate some extra erection for that time. See her reactions. Try to take her to places where she loves to go. Also try to take her to places which r not so populated. Sit very close to each other. When alls go well tell ur fellings about her & that you r completely turned on with the incident of spiling of milk. Moreover let her know that this time you would want some more. If u want to f*** her do it with great pleasure but do not let anyone know it & don't dream to make her ur wife as it can effect the the child's future directly. Always respect her motherhood first. Good luck & do let us know what happened next, we will b waiting to hear from you anxiously

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