I looked like I had chicken pox on my face

When I was younger I had acne so bad that people asked me if I had chicken pox on my face. I was working as a cashier at the time and twice two young children said to me "you look like you have chicken pox". Some people also tried to sell me stuff to "cure" me. People apparently didn't realize that I was just a normal person who looked a little abnormal.

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  • I had terrible acne as a teen. My face is still scarred today from it. As a guy, it was bad enough. I can only imagine what a girl went through. I never had a single date in high school, and never went to a single prom, because I was so ashamed. It took me until 25, to regain any self esteem. The best thing ever said to me was by a girl. She said the scarring gave me a rugged, sexy look. God bless her. I appreciated and needed that so much.

  • People can be incredibly thoughtless and even intentionally cruel. I'm sorry you had to deal with that, and I hope that the problem has cleared up for you, or that you are encountering a kinder collection of humans.

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