Bad acne

Years ago when I was a younger man I had bad acne. It last well past my teens due to a hormonal disorder. It still flares up every now and then but not as much. When it was really bad one time and I was working as a cashier this little kid says "you look like you have chicken pox". Another kid said "you look like you have chicken pox on your face". I felt like crawling under a rock. Other people tried to offer me magical cures. Yes my face was hideously ugly but I'm still a human being with feelings. Some adults just plain made fun of me. I'm a person. No one should deliberately hurt others.

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  • Kids have no filter. They just don't realize that what they're saying is inappropriate, however adults have absolutely no excuse. On the flip side, try being a person of minority, a person with a disability and so on. Many people have burdens...and people are cruel to them.

  • I had bad acne as a teen, never had a date (not even for prom), and was miserable. My skin cleared up by age 20 and it was all good from there out. Really good. No worries.

  • People can be so mean sometimes. And it sucks because when you have acne, it makes you self conscience anyway and it shouldn't. But just so you are taking care of you. For your flare ups now, take good care of your skin. Hormones can play a huge part in how it can affect our skin. But other things can help too. Drink lots of water (be sure to eat a healthy diet and keep your skin clean). Always use sun screen, treat yourself to facials and see a dermatologist there are new acne drugs that can help depending on your needs.

  • Thank you! I'm a teen with hideous face and idk like people look at u differently. When I was 15 my face looked like if it came out from oven! Now its getting better. Tomorrow is my senior portrait and I have huge spot on my face :( but Idc I believe man should have some scars to show what they went through.
    I think I have no girlfriend cuz of this acnes!
    Do u have any idea for treatment like u said "Magical cures"?

  • Really sorry to hear you suffer from it too. I don't think there really are any magical cures. As you get older its less of a problem. I had it for my senior portrait to but the people who do the portraits digitally remove stuff like that. I wouldn't worry. Don't worry the future will be a lot brighter for you, believe me. And FYI there are girls who have the same problem too :)

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