Which came first the chicken or the egg. Scientific answer is ea

IN science the egg came first as the creature in and of itself had not evolved into a chicken yet.

If you believe in the Genesis fairy tale then the chicken came first.

May 5

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  • What evolution can not explain is that it says it is survival of the fittest so only those creatures that evolve survive. HOWEVER what it does not say is that not only would it have to evolve but so would a opposite gender as well. it teaches that one has to evolve but to evolve you need 2.

    so fairy tale or not there had to be a creation of some sort at the beginning so evolution , or what i call adaptation , can happen.

  • Actually doesn't say survival of the fittest at least not in all circumstances. Evolution is about organisms adapting to survive and thrive in their environment. The more an environment changes the more a surviving organisms changes. No change no survival. Some very strong animals go extinct and some weak animals survive.

  • Fairy tail? So I guess you believe in the Big Bang fairy tail. Tell me, where did the rock that exploded come from? What causes it to explode?

    Do you realize that the universe is so finely balanced it could not have happen by happenstance?

  • What does the Big Bang have to do with evolution? Whether or not that event happened or not has nothing to do with animals changing or going extinct. Having said that the available scientific evidence does show that the big band actually happened. Mathmatically reversing the current expansion of our Universe does show that at one time in the history of the cosmos there was a singularity where there was a sudden expansion of energy and matter. Discussing evolution this event doesn't matter.

  • Why not?

  • Sciences goal it to prove God doesn’t exist and they do a p*** poor job.

  • That is not the job of science. Science is about truth and if it doesn't jive with your belief system them you need to come to your senses and embrace science instead of some invisible man who lives in the sky.

  • I would suggest that you read more. Science has been wrong many times. Most of what they claim is fact gets changed continually. Einstein believed in a static universe so much do that he adjusted his math to make his assumptions work. Science once beloved the sun orbited the earth. I could go on for hours

  • Religion has been wrong even more times. Science is superior to religion as religious beliefs remain static and science is subject to change as news facts appear.

  • What does science say a woman is?

  • I’m not a biologist

  • So the egg just popped into being huh?

  • You didn't read the whole question. The bird that laid the first chicken egg had not in and of itself evolved into a chicken yet.

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