I feel it hit my guts

Dating my first guy after my divorce and a bit embarrassing. When we have s** I feel it hitting my guts up there. It feels like its stretching my vag inside. I hate to tell this guy he may not think I am ready for this. I hide the discomfort and tell him its good.
He is a nice looking guy and so sweet to me. He is five years older than me.

Aug 9, 2014

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  • Lucky girl.

  • I don't get it. Why would anybody complain about this? Every woman in the history of the world wants a man with a giant c*** and only a very very few ever get one. I've always wanted to get on one and stay there but I've never gotten anything like what I want.

  • How can this girl not love a man with a long thick hard c***? And why can't I find one?

  • Send your man to me honey......I'll take really good care of that d***.

  • same here......i dont see the problem here. sounds like heaven to me.

  • If my husband had a c*** like that, I wouldn't be forced to cheat on him as much as I do. I mean, I would still cheat, but just not as much.

  • you got one of the really real men dont let him go. not ever.

  • Try a***. Once he's past the opening, there's lots more room and it's not restricted by anything like in the vaginal wall. Once you've got that big thing in your ass, you're going to love having it there and you'll want it all the time. ALL the time!

  • I will never understand how people can have s** with someone and not be honest with him .
    I truly do not get it ?
    I mean really you can't say when we have s** I feel it in my gut ??
    Maybe you should keep your legs close if you can't express your feelings .
    Hopefully your educated enough to have protection birth control and have him with a condom .

  • What are you complaining about? enjoy the h*** out of it!

  • I wish my boyfriends could get that far up in me!!

  • I will make it happen for you baby

  • Trust me, honey: you will soon get used to it going so deep and then you wont be able to do without it.

  • Agreed, it hurts at first but then feels wonderful.

  • Send your guy to me! He can f*** my guts anytime he wants!

  • Same here.....you let me get on that n**** and I won't ever get off of him.

  • DAMN! I wish one of the men in my life could reach that far up in me! Lucky!

  • consider yourself lucky to have such a hung hunk. most women have to tolerate those little bitty weewees . . . . . unless they are getting it hit by a black man. being with a man who is so hung is a blessing from god. eventually your body will adjust to his size and then you wont be able to go back to the little ones again and you will love how he hits it....

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