I'm Terrified of the Day I Stop Believing.

I’ve always had my head in the clouds, and I’ve always at least half believed about 90% of the crazy stories about dragons and wizards and werewolves and superheroes. People say I’m just imaginative, but it’s more than that. If I don’t believe that at least some of those stories are true, if I don’t believe that there are werewolves hiding in the dark, dragons in the remote corners of the world, or that sometimes the fireflies I see outside my window are faeries, then I’m afraid that I won’t be able to face the world, as boring as it is. If there’s no magic and mystery, then what’s the point? If I don’t believe that one day I could go on an adventure that I’ve only ever heard about in books and movies and TV shows, if I stop believing that there are things in the dark, good and bad, if I stop letting my imagination make new realities, then that means that everything is exactly as it seems. And that idea terrifies me.

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  • You've conveyed my personal feelings with 100% accuracy. The unknown is so incredible, and its disheartening to think we've discovered everything there is to be discovered. I believe that regardless of how improbable something may be, nothing is impossible. There are werewolves in Moors of London, and faeries fill the nighttime skies. I truly hope you find your dragon.

  • Oh please. We haven't discovered everything there is to be discovered by any means. And there *is* a kind of magic in the everyday **IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOOK.**

    Most people don't because such things aren't subjects of advertising, and most people are too stupid to know what to look for unless Madison Avenue tells them what to see.

    Not that it matters. What magic there is is plowed under to make room for millions more idiots each year, and so we can more easily rush around screaming about how "busy" we are for social status.

    We don't DESERVE magic. Wave your wand and fix THAT.

  • World of Warcraft is a helluva drug.

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