I have a secret

I am a mother /wife of 20 years married to one man ..but I have a double life I am a lesbian . I meet woman on craigslist and have one night stands . Once I have s** with them I don't want to see them ever again it makes me sick to go back for seconds as I tried it . No one knows about this and I feel like I am trapped in this life that I no longer can keep up with .
I am h**** all the time and I day dream about s** with men I see or woman I see !

Aug 11, 2014

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  • Update : Sat down with husband told him about my double life surprise surprise he said he new and didn't mind , and was waiting until I told him , He said he didn't want to know about any details with the other woman . I guess when your married to someone for 20 years they pretty much know everything.

    Now that my secret is out my marriage is so much better knowing I don't have to hide I can be a better wife and a mom .

    So my advise to all of you men and woman who are married go to your partner and be honest with him tell them you want an open marriage . It's not normal for a person to be with one person for the rest of there life !

  • I would love to have a wife like you!

  • If your married and do what I did and just bite the bullet and talk to your wife about an open marriage it will bring the excitement back in your life !
    Like a kid in a candy store

  • Many husbands (like me) would be totally turned on to see their wives having lesbian s**. Have you tried to involve your husband?

  • My husband is a goodly to shoe and I tell him that !
    I would love for him to join me !

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