I hate women with passion!

Women are the most selfish, deceptive, liars, conniving, manipulative, selfish, materialistic lunatics and diabolical harlots, shallow, they are worse than demons. Here's how modern women choose men:

For starters, they do not care if you have a "good conversation". Do not think that guy who catches all have a "good conversation", because it is likely that you have a better conversation than his! They also do not give a damn about how you dress. Unless, of course, that you are seen as a circus clown, which makes them die laughing at you inside.

What they evaluate, even before you think about approaching her is at first: height, hair, eye color, muscle mass, beauty of the face, chin and volume underneath the pants. In a second step, she observes details that give clues to your financial situation, such as an expensive watch, your phone and your car (she will try to find clues of your financial position even in times of dialogue: she wants to know if you know many places, exotic food, etc.)..

Then she compares you with other possible males that surround her, to know if you're among the best, among the average or among the worst. The concept of alpha and beta is a relative concept; depends on the type of guys that prowl to target women.

In less than three seconds, she has evaluated all these factors into you, now she’s done with the diagnosis about you.

If you passed this first test, she will let her guard down and be easy for you, and will let you get close and talk a little about you. What she wants is to look at other factors, to whether you are a sucker, or if you're for months without s**. It comes down to feel whether or not the guy has other women at his disposal. They have a special scent to detect men who are there some time without having s**, and run away from these guys!

If the guy passed these tests, she simply will pretend she was enchanted by his talk and will let you make advances! No mystery!

And if the failed in preliminary testing? Can he not reverse the situation in approach??


If she felt bad and you realize that you are a looser that has no pot to p*** on or a beta that is lacking for years without s**, her brain has created a lock on you, and she will be angry with anything you say! She herself will do everything to make you embarrassed, will make jokes after jokes about you, will humiliate you and will leave you dropped without much explanation. She will do anything for you to feel bad for being there urging her!

Some may even try to argue: yeah, but the story and that some mines are harder than others?

Bullshit! There’s No hard woman out there! What exists is a woman who did not like you, and she will do everything to make your life difficult! If she liked it, she herself will skip some stages of the conquest just to give it to you fast!

Others argue still: and if I insist, have patience an hour she will not notice me? I know guys that would both insist they gave!

If she did not approve of you in the first three seconds she saw you, there is still the possibility that she does not dismiss you completely. You may not be an ideal male ready to f**k; but who knows, you may serve as spare male, in case that thing with the guy in college, or the new head of her work doesn’t work out, will she not resist your charms and deliver to you? ?

Another possibility is to put you in the friendship zone, so she has a male to do favors for her (e.g. dinners, gifts, attention, etc) without receiving anything in return. I will not be speaking here of friendzone, because this subject is already very beaten.

You will agree with me that both situations are humiliating! Both serve as a spare male asexual beta with no b****!

Even if you say it's better to be a spare male lacking a male, I remind you that s** will only be in case of emergencies, while she can not hook a superior male! Learn outset that she is only with you because she could not get anything better, and deep down she has a grudge against you because of it.

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  • No one should ever fall in love with c****, for the same reason no one ever falls in love with the Ebola ot the Rabies virus, its a simple matter of survival...

  • You have issues

  • Yeah, he has "issues" because he knows the truth, therefore he is an "oppressor"...

  • Http://femalesexposed.tumblr.com/archive

  • Http://femalesexposed.com/archive

  • Women are scumbags. I wish I wasn't sexually attracted to them. They can sense my hatred for them.

  • Women don't at all deserve respect. Most of them!!!

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