Am I a waste .......

I live in joint family . Over a period of time I developed physical relationship with my sis in law. I really love her .But for some reason she is now avoiding me .Its hurting me really badly. I am developing a feeling of being a waste and of no value . I know I should not have done that but that happened.I am at the verge of collapse .Help me out

Aug 13, 2014

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  • You're not a waste, but you are wasting your feelings on a woman who isn't available. Even if she's unhappy in her marriage, she's still not single and available to you to date openly. Maybe she realized that it was fun while it lasted but she no longer wants to continue. Why she chooses to avoid you and not actually tell you to your face what she's would have to ask her. And you live with your brother and his family? And you would do that to your should feel bad. It's called karma is what you're feeling. Just have to deal with it, it will subside eventually. Not sure what you're really thinking is going to come out of this situation. But maybe you should move out, get your own place and find other women that are in no way related to you. Start fresh.

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