Gave in and now this boy is pestering me

All summer I have laid out to tan on weekends. The teen boy next door has laid with me and talked. He told me all about his s** acts, the girls he has "f***** crazy". I finally called him in after and looked at his c***. Not bad for a teen boy in heat. So I tried him out. Was not the best I have had, right there with the worse.
So he thought I would give him some every weekend after that. I must admit I did to see if he got better. Told me the excitement kept him from giving me the "f***** crazy" he gave those area girls. Now I am bored with him and the s**.
I can not teach him proper oral s**, He comes with in five minutes and ask, how was that.
I called a friend over and ask him to arrive right when I finished sun bathing. He and I went in the house and the kid went home. We had s** and my friend sent the night.
Next weekend the kid is right back over begging. I want to be left alone, but I don't want him p*****. He could damage my home my car or something.

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  • You sound like a 50 somethinv yr old w**** who is a f****** pedofile. You probably gave that poor kid herpes.

  • I hope for you sake he is over 18. If not you can't expect much out of him, plus if the law gets involved it could go badly for you.

  • He is near 16

  • I believe with most guys we believe we are the best drivers and the best lovers. Yet most do nothing to improve their skills and boast at how incredible they are.

    I think the best thing to do is tell him to go back to his girlfriends (even though I doubt he has any) and tell him you want a relationship with someone your own age. He will keep whining but stay calm and firm. Eventually he will get the picture and leave you alone.

    Do not question his manhood or ability as that will only p*** him off.

    Also I have found those who boast the most are the ones who know the least. Avoid guys like that in the future.

  • Tell him Your now a born again Christian and you have to stop having s** until you get married , he will flee away you can't fight over GOD

  • Your best bet would to continue f****** him. I'd make him give you oral so you can get some satisfaction from him.

    Think of it this way, you'll be his teacher he'll compare all other f**** to you.

  • He was upset and started to give me oral after he came in me. I knew he was not comfortable sucking his own c**, so I stopped him. he gave oral, but he seems to young to teach well. I can do more with my finger than he gives me. I like a nice slow ride and a pounding when I am finishing. He can not hold off that long for me.

  • Babe come and see me I have a nice size c*** at 195mm in length which I can still pound my wife for at least one and a half hours at a time. She has to blow me to finish at times as she can't keep going and I won't hurt her.

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