I have a fetish

I get very h**** when i see hot girls in public. I rather see girls in person even if i could see them naked online. I would follow behind girls in public to try to take pics to j*** off later. My favourite ones are women in the early 30s or late 20s or girls around 18, they tend to dress very lightly. Im 18 btw. If i get the chance i j*** off aroud them. It adds a sense of danger and makes me c** fast. I had the two best j*** off sesions doing this. One time, i was at the back of a bus. There was about 4 ppl on the bus. At the next stop, 3 girls get on. They look like they were 18-20. And the were wearing very pretty dresses. Cleary they were going to some fancy event. I moved into the seat behind them. Since the bus seats sat 2 in a row, one girl kept looking back. I got so hard by jerking off knowing that she was looking at me directly and yet i was masturbating. I did the stop and go method 4x. I had so much c** ready. I waited for the girl to turn around, when she did, i stood up and leaned up. I shot 3 ropes for one girl and 2 for the other. There was a bridge from ger hair to her back and a couple ropes on her shoulder, for the other girl i hit her hair entirely and it was dripping down. I wish i followed them off the bus to see when they found out. My second experience was when i alread did this regularly, i had a hoodie with a hole cut out from the inside of the pocket, so i could put my d*** tjrough the hole and j*** off very freely in public. I was at an outdoor bar-b-que resturaunt and i was sitting a table away. She was a very pretty mom with 2 toddlers and her husband. I sat at my table wanking, when i saw her stand up i followed her to the bathroom line. I stood behind her and when it was time, i shot my huge load on the back of her ass. She came out with it still on her she even left with it unnoticed

Aug 18, 2014

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  • When I was 15 a guy started to j*** off in front of me looking at him buy the guy that he was with stopped him and they sat facing me but kept their c**** hard for it was plain to see. When I got up to get off the bus they followed me and standing at the door waiting for the bus to come to a complete stop one guy grabbed my ass and the other petted my pubic area. The door opened and we got off, it was dark and I had to cut across the park to get to home and there is very little lighting and it's basically dark. We no sooner got away from the road and they approached one took hold of my arm spun me around and planted a big kiss right on my lips as the other groped a feel and put his hands up my blouse and he found out I wasn't wearing a bra he took hold of my breast and began playing with my nipples and in no time I was basically nude for they removed most of my clothes and it wasn't long till I was on the ground laying on their coats and I was being f***** by two guys whom I didn't know. Yes it was exciting and I really got into it and started in c****** on their c****.
    Both of them had their way with me and they were nice enuf to help me get dress4ed and walk me home were they came inside, spent the night and made love to me all over again and again then we fell asleep at 3 in the morning.

  • I hope a father see's you doing that to his daughter you won't be alive much longer . Time to take the trash out !

  • And this is how serial rapists are born...

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