Atheism bothers me

So I've been looking into religion lately and I've found that many atheists seem to be angry at theists for believing in it. They mostly rant on and on about how "they know the truth" and how people who believe in God are either retarded, brainwashed, or evil. They constantly bring up how "Religion is evil" and how we need to get rid of it before the Christians start WW3 or some s*** like that. The Amazing Atheist, Bill Maher, Dawkins, they all seem to believe that people like me (a Christian) are responsible for all the suffering in the world, and it's complete and utter BULLSHIT.

Why should I be blamed for the sins of crusaders and terrorists just because I share the same religion as them. I've done NOTHING to deserve their hatred. I've never killed anyone in the name of any Gods. I've never campaigned against Homosexuality or abortion. All I've done is say that I believe in God, and for some reason that makes me a psychopath! I f****** hate it!

Also, getting rid of religion won't fix a damn thing. Man is a brutish beast that was created to kill each other. No amount of science can fix that. In fact, science says that by nature we are all supposed to be bloodthirsty killing machines. Because, you know, WE'RE F****** ANIMALS. Oh yeah, I believe in evolution and God. DOES THAT BLOW YOUR MIND!?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, It's our birthright. But the second you tell me that not only is my opinion wrong, but it makes me the bad guy...well then you are a f****** a******! You can judge me for what I am, not what I believe in.

Thanks for reading

Aug 18, 2014

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  • It bothers you because you're weak and stupid.

  • Hers is why so many people resent religion and Christians: Religion in American, and other parts of the world, is used to advance one religious groups theology as the foundation for all civil laws, making it illegal for non believers not to live and exist under theological doctrines for which they may no agree. Christ said, "I come not to judge the world but that the world through me might be saved." "For is you reject me, I JUDGE YOU NOT, for the Father who sent me will judge you." Scripture addresses the Pharisees, who were theological legalist, and anyone who didn't adhere to their Old Testament theology; they could be killed. the Crusades, Muslim radicals, and American's Religious Right are all about using civil law to force they theological doctrines on all of mankind. If you legislate away sins, then how can one know who is the true Christian. Religion is the foundation for bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and theologically justified hate...for anyone who doesn't share and adhere to one sects particular theology.
    The Founder of the Republican Party, Father of the Bill of Rights, Father of the Constitution and 4th President of the United States made many comments regarding the separation of church and state, which puts this issue into perspective: 1. "The churches are not the Guardians of the civil liberties of the citizens of these United States." 2. "The validation of our young nations constitutional separation of church and state is forever recorded in the many attempt of Ecclestical bodies numerous attempts to replace that constitutional right with they brand of theology." (Madison was referring to the Danbury Baptist Association, Danbury, Conn. From whom the Southern Baptist emerged in 1847 to advance slavery.). 3. "The constitutional separation of church and state was established to forever keep from our shore the religious strif which has stained the soil of Europe with the blood of the innocent for centuries."

  • The thought of existence just ending in a slit second kinda bums the rest of us out. If we are wrong, then who cares! It's not like us believing in a Higher Power is hurting you! No one is going to kill you because you say there is no God. They will b**** at you, sure, but no one is coming after you. PLEASE, get over yourselves!

  • You've got a s***** attitude. Just because life is not forever, doesn't mean we should just give up. The legacy we leave is in how we raise our kids. That's not worthless! "Why Bother?" is the dumbest argument I've ever heard!

  • "The legacy we leave behind is how we raise out kids?" Those kids are equally meaningless and non-existant sooner or later. Without religion or some sort of after-life, everything is meaningless. If you really think about it, and you really believe there is no higher power or afterlife, and you're capable of sincere introspection, you will arrive at the same conclusion: might as well kill yourself now.

  • He's kind of right. If we are only atom and particles, what's the point. We are dust in the cosmic plane, why bother? Why not kill, why not rape, why not? If there is no greater judgment besides that of our peers, why don't we do what we want? It would be a lot easier than be "good human beings".

  • It's not about "human destiny resting in your own hands". It's about the point of it all. Every single human will eventually die. Every single thing will eventually be destroyed. If you believe that death is the end of your existence, why bother doing anything? It's all a waste. Atheists I talk to often say they're more interested in "improving the human condition" or some variation of that. To which I always say, "Why? Those other humans are equally as non-existant in the future anyway."

  • Some of the dumbest s*** I've ever read! I am totally comfortable with the fact that human destiny rests in our own hands. As long as we keep looking outside of ourselves for guidance, nothing will ever change.
    I don't think we atheists see religious people as retarded. We are all victims of early indoctrination, and it is difficult to break free of that. We are all permanently damaged by it, at least a little. The more religious you are, the more damaged you are.

  • I know that you're expecting a snappy comeback so you can start a debate...but I really hope you f****** die. No, I'm serious! I hope you get AIDs or get stabbed or wreak your car on your way home from work. You are not human! You have no compassion for you fellow man. This isn't about whether or not God exists, this is about just summoning up the strength to be nice to one another. If you're not man enough to do that, then you're just a waste of flesh. Please remove yourself from this life and rid this world of your intolerance.

  • BWAAAAHAHAHAHA!! So vicious and sociopathic! See, that's why clowns like you hide behind religion... you think that's enough of a facade that it covers up all that ugly you've got going on.
    Protip: It doesn't work, pumpkin. At ALL.

  • Every time I encounter someone online who claims to be an atheist, I say the same thing: If there is no afterlife, why not kill yourself now? If the end result is the same, which is nothingness and everything is meaningless, why wait? The only legitimate answer is that they are scared that they are wrong. That they will kill themselves and there WILL be an afterlife.

    Other people tell me "I don't know if there is a God." That's not atheism. That's agnosticism.

    I also think a lot of atheists are just angry at their personal situations, and they can't stand to see people happier than themselves. The more successful someone is, statistically, the more likely they are to have some sort of faith. If you get a chance to meet an atheist in real life, (because people can lie online), find out what they do for a living, how their relationships are, etc. In other words, find out if they're happy. Most of them won't be.

  • ...Basically, it's because to're crazy. You're ALL crazy, all of you religious people. If I said the Easter bunny talked to me, and that I lived my life by the holy Box of Cadburies, I'd be locked up... but hundreds of millions of supposedly sane people say they believe in an invisible superhero in space...and we let them be doctors, forklift drivers, and accountants. No, sorry. Religion is a mental disease. We don't push you on it, because you outnumber us 4 to 1, but to us, you're batshit loco.

  • FOR F***'S SAKE!!!! We are not talking about f****** fairy tales, we're talking about the creation of the infinite universe! It may seem crazy to you, but some of us can't expect nothingness. I don't want my life to be meaningless! I DON'T WANT TO BE A COMSIC FUCKUP! I want my life to mean something to someone, whether that be a single person or an all-knowing "superhero"!

    No wonder you people get chewed out so much! Calling a people's God an Easter Rabbit or a pixie, IT'S F****** EVIL! No, I'm being for real right now. It's pure, inhuman evilness. You have no heart, no sympathy, no human kindness whatsoever. You are all f****** sociopaths. Going around wearing your "Fiction" shirts with all the holy symbols on it, F*** YOU, YOU M************ SACKS OF F****** HORSE S***.

    I know this doesn't count for all atheists, but to those who agree with this s*** c*** little troll, F*** YOU AND DRINK C** AND P***!!!

  • It's more ORGANIZED religion that Atheists are angry about. There are good and bad in everything, but is the Church itself and those in charge that lead it to be something that others find to be 'evil'. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having faith or religion, but when there are large congregations led by people who have less than wholesome ideals it becomes a problem. They teach their followers that anyone who does not share their view on religion is inherently doomed to suffer eternity in h*** when Christianity is one of the more recent religions. For any one religion to claim that they are the one and true is preposterous. There is also the fact that the Christian church encourages their followers to believe in faith rather than science. Leading people to believe the Earth is only 6000 years old is just plain ridiculous and for someone to believe that it is quite easy to believe that person is either unintelligent or gullible. It has been PROVEN that children in religious homes (christian or otherwise) are more susceptible to bedeviling what they are told without questions.

    Another thing to add as that Atheists DO NOT target any specific religion. Any religion to them is pointless.

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