Men that touch their junk in public is hot

It happens mostly like in the underwear aisle at Walmart or somewhere like that, which probably makes sense since I go there to see if other dudes are there for the same reason. Don't ever do anything, but like to hang out in that section, see if any men are there looking at underwear & see if we notice each other kinda touching our d****, getting a chub, just kind of to turn ourselves on, not to actually do much - I know there's cameras everywhere & not a fan of jail time for just wanting a b****, haha.

Furthest it ever went was a man was in the middle aisle, when I was looking down from the end I saw he had his hand on his d***, I walked past & then backed up like I was just looking at the stuff on the shelves, walked down to where he was & he was still kind of playing with himself - I adjusted myself to let him know we were up to the same thing, stood next to him, he asked if I liked wearing the underwear he picked out, if they were comfortable, blah blah blah (I was for sure hard by then), he said sometimes when he got a b**** the ones he was wearing weren't comfortable, asked if I thought the ones in the package (no pun) would be better. He said he was hard right then, I told him I was too, we more or less just stood there for a little bit playing with ourselves, then after maybe 5 minutes of talking & kind of pulling our BB shorts down just enough to see the waist band of each other's underwear & all that he said he had to go find his wife & kids & he left.

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