Am I doing a good job?

Me and my girlfriend have been getting really intimate lately. I'm only 15, so it's hard to get alone time, but when we do, we both really enjoy it.

My question, however, has to do with a specific time we met up.

We had the day off from school, and both our parents work. So I rode my bike over, and spent the morning with her. The part I'm concerned about is during the "steamy" part of the visit. We were exchanging certain things, and after she was done doing things for me, I went down to eat her out. I went down slow, and did all the little tease tricks, and eventually I got down there.
Now I love my girlfriend, and in my eyes, she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. I've asked her about how she truly feels, and I'm fairly confident she feels the same way. She's younger than me, and about a year ago, she looked at me as "that dream guy", if you know what I mean. Anyway, I was down there doing my thing, and I glanced up to see what she was doing. She was just staring off into space. Now I don't know if this is bad or what, but I do know something else.

She has only really done stuff like this once before. It was a long time ago, and she was drunk, and the guy she did it all with had a huge d*** and blah blah blah. That's HER personal stuff, not mine. Anyway, I'm concerned if that indicated maybe that he did a better job than me? Maybe she didn't like it? Or maybe I just looked up at the wrong time.

Anyway, I know I did pretty good throughout the whole day. When I was down there with my tongue, I got her to squirm and lift off the bed, and I've heard that's a good indicator. I got everything I could have ever wanted, and we're both still virgins.

Just asking the world if it sounds like I did good. Yes, there was some more stuff that went on, and yes we were both very happy. I'm just curious about that one little part. Problem, or pleasure?

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  • If you made her o*****, she had a good time. The proof is in the throbbing! Don't worry about the other dude...worry about learning how to make her feel good.

  • She's no virgin dude. you said it "and she was drunk, and the guy she did it all with had a huge d***" if she says she's a virgin, she lied to you.

  • You are genius

    turns out she was cheating on me. i did do a good job, but she is too much of a w**** to appreciate the relationship we had. sad days for me and my friends at Oly. i dont think ill ever be the same

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