I like the unpopular kid.

There is this girl I think I kinda like. Yets just say her name is Kylie. So she is the who who kinda gets bullied in many ways. She reacts and blah blah blah. She does have some friends so not all bad. I do feel sorry for her. I don't have a problem with her at all. She seems nice. We are both 14 by the way.

So this is what happened. The other day I was playing football wit a few other friends. Her and a couple of friends came and kinda was just messing about. So we heard this digger sonewhere. We all looked at what it was doing for a minute. Seemed more interesting at the time! I took a few steps back to get my drink, I then saw her ass. It was amazing! So all my friends and hers went off. Some of them went to to digger and others went somewhere else. I cant remember where.

She could not be bothered so I stayed back too. She was bent over looking in the distance. So what I did was stand next to her and talked about what we was doing. Then I went past her and touched her ass and she didn't turn around at all. So next I kinda leaned on to her with my hard d*** then kinda grabbed her a***. She turned and I looked away. That is all what happened.

Next day at school i grabbed her a*** when i walked passed her. I just had too. I am going to try and do it again.

So do I kinda like her? I don't know what is going on at all! Any advice please just say. Thanks

Jul 11, 2012

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  • stay away from her...she's a reject by choice

  • Hey i am 14 too. Please don't continue touching her a*** cause as u said she kinda get bullied so she might think that u are bullying her and she will stay away from u. U should talk to her. Maybe when she is being bulled protect her.

  • Really? You expect getting a girl by grabbing her ass ? What the h*** is that gonna do, She's just gonna think your some kind of pervert! I think you just like her for her Butt :/ But then again if you want to talk to her just ask her on a date

  • You should try to talk to her more. Carry on grabbing her ass until she says something. She might act angry towards you so make out you dont know what shes talking about. However she might like it!

  • You're not being respectful to her if she doesn't like what you're doing. You might like her, but it seems you're touching her in a way that makes her like an object to you and not "grabbing her ass" in a playful way. Ask yourself if you find her personality attractive as well as her body. If you do, then I suggest you apologize to her and explain to her that you actually like her and would want to hang out sometime.

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