Happy with life but still wounder about what ifs?

That I adore my husband the family we have yea were nor super rich but he makes sure there s always food n roof above our heads.my conefession is that I wound er what would have happened if my high school super crush would have got the poem I wrote him if I was breavor sooner n give it to him insead of waiting too long n he got a gf n then just giving it to a dude I didn't really care much for just cuz he had a crush on me n I just was on the rebound cuz dust want to start drama with supreme crush n try to get in the any of him.n.his new gf.then after high school * of course rebound dude didn't last long n broke up* merry now husband and happy just wondering if life would been difrent if super crush n I had a chance want to try n find him agency but wont becouse I dispose people who cheat n wouldn't ever to hurt my husban just dome tomes wish had a what if Tv u could say what if such n such happened n would show u what it was lie so u wound have to stay up all night some days woundering

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