She is 22,I am 49

For about 8 months now,I have been salivating over a 22 year old co-worker.She is young,extremely beautiful and eloquent,new in town and has a boyfriend. We have been texting and talking for a while.I am a grandpa;my daughters are older than she is and my sons are the same age as her youngest brother.I am not married but she finally decided to go out with me today. We went to a cool grill and bar restaurant,shared an appetizer,I had 3 huge tall Blue Moon beers on tap and she had two strawberry mixed drinks.We spent 3 hours talking and when we left,I was able to give her a hug and caress her hair- I have been dying to caress that hair for ages!She said her bf knew I was out with her.She is awesome any day,s** or not.

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  • "lol so you need to grow some b**** and ask me to hang out with you sometime"... "I've always viewed you positively you're such a refreshing person to talk to you're really the person that made me realize I probably need to be with an older man,lol". " Anyway,good night and thank you for always being so sweet & unconditionally respectful of me:)your a great man." She makes me feel so great!

  • I think am getting very close to fvcking this girl. We been texting since we went out. This weekend we been texting coz am sure she p***** off at her bf and seems she is about ready to let me hit it. Here is one of her hundreds of messages from this weekend " Really ...,I consider you a good friend..,who I I happen to really want to s****.But first and foremost you're a good friend:) not a toy...I trust you more than my straight guy friends". I am so close:)OP

  • ya need to be tappin that ass

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