Naked in Florida

What I'm about to recount is true and occurred just two day ago while I was with my wife on her business trip.

While in Florida for a meeting, my wife and I went out with some her colleagues after work, which included a muscular black man who works in her field. After dinner, some of us broke off and went out to more bars and we drank plenty. We had all loosened up and my wife had started making this joke, after passing around family photos on our phones, that she wanted a black baby. She had gotten more flirty as the drinks kept coming and joked that everyone could come up to our room afterwards.

At about 2:30 AM, we met up with the wife of a VIP also there and decided to go to the beach as it was just outside and our new black friend stripped down to his boxer briefs and he was in great shape to be sure. Our other new friend, Kara, also stripped to her bra and panties and before I knew it, we were all taking off our clothes and jumping in the ocean. He suggested we just go skinny dipping and while I was hesitant at first, my shy wife immediately took her bra off and slid her sheer,lace panties off and stood on the beach. Our black friend dropped his underwear and his c*** was at least 7-8 inches and he was cold at that.

She didn't even think twice about walking around naked in front of everyone and talking mostly to him. She didn't even mind I was more interested in looking at our other friend as she stripped out of her silk panties and stood talking to me naked. When we walked back to the hotel, She stayed back to walk with him and I joined our other friend. In the morning, she had texted and e-mailed him and only as an after thought did he say hi to me.

I'm not sure what to think about her new flirty side and your ideas are helpful. Thanks.

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  • Is there really anything I can do to stop it? She goes on business trips as part of her work and he does work on projects in her offices. Plus, when you've already seen each other naked, what left is there? Advice?

  • Well, now that he has her email and phone #, they are probably making plans to meet at their next business trip when you are not there and f*** their brains out. That is how most affairs happen - when travelling for business. Considering how she acted with you right there, do you have any doubts that they will be f****** when they next meet with you not there?

  • Did you leave out the part about f******? Lucky for you he is just someone "who works in her field". If he was a coworker you could count on her f****** him regularly at work. Are there any other good looking black guys where she works? She might be interested in trying for "a black baby" with one of them...

  • When you left them alone, were they still naked? That black baby might be coming soon enough.

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