Letting the Landlord Watch

Julia and I met on the train and when we started having s**, we usually spent the night at my apartment and sometimes would spend all night enjoying each other sexually. She had an amazing body that I just couldn't get enough of. My landlord, who lived across the alley from my apartment, even commented one day about how beautiful she was. He had a balcony that looked directly down into my bedroom directly to where my bed was positioned. I joked one day that if he kept his eyes open maybe Friday night I would leave the curtains open and would make sure he got a real look at what he was missing.

That Friday night I made sure he got a good show and it was the beginning of something that would continue for several years. I made sure that in the weeks that followed Julia did everything erotic and sexual imaginable. No exception, striptease, different positions, oral, light bondage, and I even asked her to use her vibrator for "my" benefit. It was amazing.

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  • That is the best. My wife and I have the best s** when we know someone is watching. Surprising because she is a little modest, but get her a little aroused and start her going on an o***** and all that goes out the window!

  • Exactly - we've never have a more arousing physical experience than when someone else is "secretly" watching. Julia goes completely wild - does things she normally wouldn't, which I love.

  • WHAT! No free rent! You missed it man

  • We had a landlord that wanted to f*** my wife he was a Persian guy always wanted to see if my wife would go to lunch I have his number but don't know how to tell him it would be a honor watching him seed my wife

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