My Friend

I really wanna f*** my friend! At the beginning of 2013, I met my mom's co-worker who is 26 - 3 yrs older than me. She's not cute-cute, but she's cute, and a redhead - which luckily, I NEVER had a interest in redheads until the end of 2012. Growing up, every redhead I seen just had a bitchy attitude. And she's got this perfect little body that I just love to death. After the first week of hanging out with her & checking her out (especially when she bent over), I was kicking back in the recliner watching tv and I couldn't help but think about her. Just picturing her walking in the door after work and taking her pants off on the way to my room, then she'd get on top of me & kiss me, and I would pull down the back of her undies & squeeze her nice little ass while still kissing her, then she would turn sideways & start f****** me. The next time, sometime later, I forget what I was doing, but I started thinking about showering with her. She's got her body wrapped around me & I'm f****** her at a good speed (not fast, not slow) but hard up against the wall while kissing her. That became the biggest thing I thought about. And for the longest time, I was so crazy about her ass & I wanted to bury my face in it. I still do, but then I started noticing how cute & pretty her feet are. I instantly got rock hard all the time when I thought about em & it drove me nuts. Especially picturing me sitting in front of her & asking her if I can please suck on her feet. I wanna slowly kiss them, then lick them, and then suck on them. And when they're all wet, I want her to rub my d*** with her feet & make me c** hard. I thought so much of taking her to my bedroom, bending her over the edge of the bed, pulling her pants down, dropping mine, grabbing onto her waist & just slam my d*** into her. Hear her cute loud moans or to make her scream. And then I pull out & explode c** all over her ass. I am a take-her-from-behind type of guy, so I'd also love to lay her on her stomach & f*** her hard like that. Of course, I'd love to see how good she sucks too. Only thing is, she's not really into relationships and I wanna make sure we're good friends to where, maybe, we can be friends with benefits at least. I'd probably be really crazy about her outside sexual thoughts, but after being turned down my whole life, hard for me to try anymore. And on top of that... I was crazy about another girl before I met her, who I'm still crazy as h*** about. Bad thing about her, is that she's taken. Not to get off topic, but she's just so beautiful & cute and the only one in my life that makes my heart beat when I see her, sometimes makes me weak enough to fall over when I'm close to her. Like Clark Kent & Lana Lang. My heart just refuses to give up. Anyways, I still hope to f*** my friend, even if it takes awhile. And if I do, I'll continue the story :)

Sep 2, 2014

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  • Dated a few red heads myself. Always loving the look of them nude, not wanting to marry one of them.
    When my 1st and I split I had a nice one. Great body and amazing face. She came by often for some fun. I wanted her so bad, I later found out she was married woman. She disapeared some time later. No one had a clue what happened ot her.

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