Did young girl at my school

Ok i go to school at a school whare the hi school middle school and elamintrey school r all in the same building just separated by doors im in the 11th grade on the bus this cute little girl that i later found out was in the 4th grade keep asking me to be her boyfriend so after she asked me several times i told her to meet me in the back on her side of the school at 11 15 witch was my lunch time she got there 5 minutes late but that didn't bother me win she got there she asked me why i wonted to meet there i kiss her on the check and ask her to check to see if anyone was in the bathroom she winte and looked and came out and sed no so i winte in to the handy cap stall she stopped in the door way looking nervous i moshed for her to come in she did locking the door behind her she asked me what I was going to do i pick her up holding her eye level looking at he sexy blue eyes i kissed her on the month i rubbed my tung on her lips she opened her mouth and my tung was in her mouth it didn't take long for her to figure out how to kiss back will kissing her i had my hand rubbing her p**** i could feel her pants getting wet i set her down and remove her shirt and hung it up on the hand rail she nervous asked what i was doing i whisper in her ear something really fun that boyfriend and girlfriend do call s** she smiled and thin kiss me i yoused this time to remove her bra thin i sucked on her little tittie's probley a cups mabey b cups but they was nice i slide her pants and panties off i could see her tryning reedd witch was so cute with her freckles and read hear on her head i could see her p**** was still lacking hare i stripped in front of her she was staring at my 8 in d*** i sat down on the toilet bint forward and start liking her p**** she started getting realy wet i asked her if she was ready she smiled and said yes i lifted her on my lap she was setting right in front of my d*** she asked me wat i was going to do next i pointed at my d*** and said in going in u she smiled i had her stand up as i line my d*** up with her p**** and told her to slowly sit down she got haf way down and stopped she said it hurts i put my arms around her huge her i said in only hurt at first i ask if she was ready she didn't answer just looking worry i bounce my hips she yeal in pane her neas gave out and she took all 8 inches i held her until she stopped crying i started moving here on my d*** she started morning and didn't take long until she was riding me here self she was morning thin we heard the door open her teacher said her name she moaned out yes he teacher asked if she was ok sense she had been gone awhile she moaned out food poisoning the teacher said ok and left we continue she was getting good at this thin some kids came in we could hear thim chatting she continues riding she was trying to be quite but thin she had her first o****** the Uther girl committed it sounds like a retarded s******* thin that left by this point i was getting there i asked her whare she won't it she asked wat was c** i said baby seeds she asked whare she could get it i said in your mouth on u or even whare it will grow in to baby in your p**** thin i said but u r probably to young for it to make babys yet she kiss me and said let's find out i start thrusting under her and she had her second o****** one this time so did i she took every shout of c** deep in her she stopped set on my d*** we made out for awhile then she said to me she will be home alone all night tonight she asked me if we can date I kiss her and said yes thin told her i would would pick her up at 3 30 she got dressed and went back to class i should up at her house at 3 25 she was already waiting outside she had changed into a cute low cut top and a miney skirt she was so sexy she ran down and jumped in my car i kiss her we wint to a nice steak house thin i tock her ot the movie we watched some kids movie i was not planning Any attention to the movie i was to busy playing with her after the movie we wint to a park and f***** in the back seat i got her off 5 time before coming in her she even squirted after we finish we drove around some thin i took her home she invited me in thin we had a quicky in her bed she was so much fun we have been going on dates every night her mom works late some of ouuer friend has seen us on our data's i tell my friends about how good she is in bed and she tells her friends about how good s** it so far we have hook up most of our friends with each other her best friend keep asking her about s** and on day she had me f*** her best friend in front of her one of my friends is f****** a kindergarten we r wonting to set up grope s** some where but we don't know whare yet i love my young girl friend


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  • Dude learn to spell we all know it's you over and over again

  • It's the same guy GO STAND ON THE TRACKS sick fock

  • U first

  • U must have been ass f*** by your dad a lot on the tracks to talk about them so much

  • 11th grade and you spell like this? Hope you arent plannkng for college because you are dreadful at grammar.

  • Lol maybe a quick spell check yourself would help.

  • Planning* f****** little keyboard

  • Fake story. I told you to learn to spell.

    Also you use the word "win" in every one of your fake fantasies.

    Get a life.

  • I know that it's kind of weird but when I was in 5th grade I started letting the older boys fool around with me and I'm embarrassed that I like it?

  • You are nothing but a disgusting moron thats what you are

  • Don’t judge, you’ve never had baby p****. I urge you to try it, they’re so tight you’ll c** very quickly

  • Don't judge until you have had a little one it is adictive

  • Sweet girls with a lovely tight, hairless little p**** wanting to f*** are great, how old was the younger one?

  • RIHANNA group F***** hard in school gym

  • Four

  • 6 and a great tight p**** I loved f****** her

  • Get her DPED

  • Best age to f***

  • Age 9

  • Ever tagteamed the kids yet

  • Group s**

  • Yes DP s**

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